GOP Post Mortem

The blame game has begun after the GOP defeat in the Presidential race and loss of congress. While some anonymous (read cowardly) McCain campaign workers with the help of liberal media continue to try to hang the blame around Palin's neck, the real reason is that the Republicans governed like Democrats in many ways. Federal spending was extreme over the last eight years and not until Democrats … [Read more...]

General Election Review

The 2008 General Election is now history and the question is: How will the results affect home schoolers? Let me give you my opinion on where we are at this point in time. At the national level this was an historic election with the Democrats picking up about twenty seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, and as I write this they now have fifty-seven seats in the U.S. Senate, with seats in … [Read more...]

The Palin Factor

I fielded a phone call this morning from a political reporter with a major Texas newspaper who wanted to know my opinion regarding the so called "Palin Factor." He wanted to know if I could point to "demonstrable" evidence that her choice by McCain was really making a difference in the campaign. I told him I had talked to a friend in College Station this week who told me he was volunteering for … [Read more...]

Palin Refuses to Wilt

The Sara Palin phenomenon continues to grow. Last night she took questions from the audience at her first townhall meeting with John McCain in Michigan and she rocked the audience. The more the public sees of this woman the more they like her and she is responsible for the whole GOP ticket improving its numbers. The generic ballot question of would you vote for Democrat or Republican was just a … [Read more...]

Mandatory Kindergarten from Barak

Barak Obama has laid out a list of government programs that he is promising to put into place if he is elected president. He says he will give a tax cut for 95% of taxpayers in spite of the fact that 40% of Americans do not pay taxes. His worldview is that the governement is the solution to all of our problems. While he continues to promise a tax cut for everyone earning under $250,000 a year, … [Read more...]

A Pitbull with Lipstick

Sarah Palin hit a home run last night at the Republican National Convention. After five days of relentless and personal attacks on her and her family, the stakes were high. She was confident and connected with not only the delegates but also with America, as she laid out her personal story of being a small town "hockey-mom" who became mayor of her city and then governor of her state. In the … [Read more...]

Palin Stirs Up Presidential Race

McCain made the campaign much more interesting when he picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. I've had several people tell me they are now thinking about voting for McCain when had they had once said they would never do it. These people are conservatives who are sick and tired of being told one thing by the Republicans and being delivered another. So what do they like about … [Read more...]

Child Protective Services Relents

As the result of the legal challenge by a Texas home school family, CPS has changed its policy of removing children from their parents' homes without a court order.The Gary Gates family has 13 children, eleven of whom are adopted. Eight years ago CPS removed them without a court order on the basis of a call from a public school employee regarding a plastic bag pinned to the shirt of one of the … [Read more...]

The Real Obama

In recent days pro-life groups have exposed a radical pr0-choice position of Barak Obama when he was in the Ill. State Senate. He not only opposed a measure to insure that babies that survived a botched abortion would receive medical care, he was the only senator to speak against the bill. Obama went on the attack and called those who brought this issue to the public's attention "liars." In the … [Read more...]

The Battle for Home Schooling Freedom

In a stunning reversal of its own recent decision the California Second Court of Appeals said that home school families in California may teach their children at home without being state accredited teachers. The court relied on not only briefs from many home school defenders but also looked at the case law from other states which have allowed home school families the same freedom. The California … [Read more...]