UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Texas?

HB 188 is a bill filed by State Representative Roberto Alonzo from Dallas that has a very strong potential to undermine the right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children. Let me give you a few examples:

“Child has a right to live in a safe, comfortable home in which they are treated with respect …”

While we certainly agree that children should be safe and treated with respect, who defines what is comfortable and what is disrespectful? We have seen examples of CPS making accusations that children are not safe because a poor family has too many children living in a home that is not large enough and therefore CPS believes the children are not safe. Adding the word comfortable almost guarantees that poor families will be targeted as a result of this.

“… right to be free from any form of discipline that humiliates or demeans the child”
This vague language opens the door for some agent of the state to intrude upon the family because in their opinion the discipline by the parents “humiliates or demeans the child.”

“… right to receive adequate and healthy food”
What is adequate and what is healthy? Who determines that?

“… receive access to a quality education”
There are many who would use this to deny a family the current right under the law to teach their child at home, because in the opinion of some expert the parent is not able to provide a “quality education.” Who then makes the decision about the education of the child – the state or the parents?

“… received appropriate medical, dental, vision and mental health services”
Once again what is appropriate and who determines that? A bureaucrat or the parents?

This bill is very similar to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which has not been adopted the U.S. Senate. This measure has been used across Europe to systematically take away the right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their own children. HB 188 appears to be an attempt to develop the same policy on a statewide basis. It should be strongly opposed by anyone who believes that parents have a right to direct the education and upbringing of their children.


  1. Durangoace says

    Every responsible parent should immediately contact their state representative and express that H.R.188 should be vigorously opposed. It is the responsibility of the parents of that child to determine what is in his/her best interest, barring blatant abuse.
    To allow the state or any outside party to make such a determination leaves “the inmates running the asylum.”

    H. Cheney
    Harker Heights, TX

  2. timthsc says

    What parents should do at this point is contact Representative Roberto Alonzo’s office and register their opposition to his bill and ask him to withdraw it. You can find his contact info by clicking on the link highlighted by his name.

  3. The Dugger Family says

    When I read this bill, it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. It’s not just that CPS would have ultimate power over how we raise our children, but also that the BIG BROTHER government will set up even more ‘EDUCATION’ centers on exactly how to raise our children. Also, this bill should at least be written in proper English to be considered. I will be contacting my legislature.

  4. jeremy says

    Re-education camps, forced dietary changes, full government authority on medical care, and giving one of the most inadequate education systems in the nation unfettered jurisdiction. This is an outrage, and everyone, not just homeschoolers, should be making calls to kill this now. They will continue to portray this as “don’t you care about children” until they guilt many into falling in line. Liberties are being disolved in front of our very eyes. We need to stand up to this.

  5. Anonymous says

    I understand with all the parents that don’t care about their kids, but I DO THINK THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF IT!!!!!! There are still families that care about their kids.

  6. Anonymous says

    As an exfoster parent I have to explain that the difficulty CPS has in placing children in custody is extreme. There are so few homes available, and so many grossly abused children, that a parent who is actually chosing to stay home and care for their kids would be amazing to them! With the economy tanking, the number of kids CPS will be bringing into custody will be so high. I don’t think the anxiety about homeschooling will even register on their radar!

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