Legislature Considers Daytime Curfew Expansion

HB 1886 by State Representative Miklos of Mesquite is an effort to expand daytime curfews by empowering cities that adopt such curfews to have county law officers enforce the city curfews. This is a backdoor approach to adopt daytime curfews by county, which is already allowed by statute. However, instead of county commissioners having to adopt the controversial curfews, which negatively impact home schoolers and minorities, the county law officers can enforce the ordinances of cities which are part of the county.

Daytime curfews
are being promoted by cities all over Texas as a means of enforcing compulsory attendance laws, but without the due process built into the compulsory attendance statutes. Although enforcing compulsory attendance laws is the responsibility of school districts, they are requesting these ordinances to get help from city police, and with the adoption of this bill, the county law officers could also be called upon to enforce city curfew ordinances in their counties.

The House Urban Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on this bill on Thursday, March 19. Please contact members of the committee and tell them that you oppose HB 1886. If counties want to enforce a juvenile curfew, the county commissioners should be the ones to adopt it!