Legislature Considers Daytime Curfew Expansion

HB 1886 by State Representative Miklos of Mesquite is an effort to expand daytime curfews by empowering cities that adopt such curfews to have county law officers enforce the city curfews. This is a backdoor approach to adopt daytime curfews by county, which is already allowed by statute. However, instead of county commissioners having to adopt the controversial curfews, which negatively impact home schoolers and minorities, the county law officers can enforce the ordinances of cities which are part of the county.

Daytime curfews
are being promoted by cities all over Texas as a means of enforcing compulsory attendance laws, but without the due process built into the compulsory attendance statutes. Although enforcing compulsory attendance laws is the responsibility of school districts, they are requesting these ordinances to get help from city police, and with the adoption of this bill, the county law officers could also be called upon to enforce city curfew ordinances in their counties.

The House Urban Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on this bill on Thursday, March 19. Please contact members of the committee and tell them that you oppose HB 1886. If counties want to enforce a juvenile curfew, the county commissioners should be the ones to adopt it!


  1. Anonymous says

    What our children do, needs to be the parents responsibility, not the states. I home school and teach at a Public School, so I see both sides of the issue. A Daytime Curfew is ridiculous. It will take extra law enforcement resources to enforce, therefore costing taxpayers more money; as well as making our already overburdened police officers do more work.

  2. Anonymous says

    This is outrageous! My child who is home schooled would not be able to play outside or go on our nature walk? This is utterly ridiculious. If my child received a proper education from the school system we would not be home schooling, but she is doing so much better with me than with a teacher who can not even spell properly!

  3. Jesse says

    I believe that any time spent issuing a citation (and then report and court time) reduces the amount of time spent for protecting and patrolling the county. That old saying: “When the cat’s away, mice will play.” When the deputies are at Bedford, the criminals will have their fun in the county”. Maybe the crime goes down in curfew city, but crime will go up in counties. I live in Tarrant county and I like to see the deputies in my neighborshood. I do not want them in the city even if it is just one hour. Once I had an emergency and the deputies came immediately. They could not be that responsive if they are issuing citations at Haltom City, Bedford etc.
    - – Jesse

  4. Anonymous says

    Quite frankly I think if parents would simply take responsibility for being parents (homeschool or not) these issues would not be the issues that they have evolved into. As I homeschool parent, I personally have seen unattended, poorly behaved homeschooled children left in public places as a baby sitting service day after day. I have also seen well behaved homeschool children out in public places doing what they should be doing without a parent constantly standing over them. I firmly believe that the police should approach any person who is out of place, acting suspiciously or improperly day or night. However children should not be made to be targets. What’s next? Unmarried women can’t be out after dark?

    If public school parents want to be naive and think that this is a homeschool issue, they are going to sadly mistaken when their kids are skipping school and the police knock on the door with a $500 fine.

    This is a PARENTAL issue, not a homeschool one and not a public school one, but a PARENTAL one…who is going to parent our children, us or the government? There’s the issue.

  5. Anonymous says

    I believe that the parents and community should all be concerned about all children. For they are the future of our country and it is up to us to arm them with the education and social skills needed to survive in todays world. Some of us would say “Well that doesn’t pertain to me because my child is well educated and behaved.” We can choose to educate and take care of only our own but the truth of the matter is that we will be forgetting about a lot of other unfortunate children in the porcess. The implmentation of cops in schools is insane. Everything from skipping school to talking in class is a criminal act. We shouldn’t be giving these kids tickets we should be giving them advice. And stop taking them to jail and start taking them back to class. More prisons isn’t the answer to the problem, if it was the prison system would be shrinking not growing out of control. Education and community involvement are the key issues here. Educated children are more apt to comprehend advice and have the basic skills and knowledge to intergrate it in to their everyday lives.

    Take time out to talk to a child.

  6. Anonymous says

    Any chance for school districts to increase their federal dollar intake always seems to be a big worthy cause, if they had just put more into education and less in to adminstration I would not have to be homeschooling my children. If they try to enforce the curfew I will bring sue against the districts, state and city- they have violated my kids 504 rights in this district and we have been to court. RRISD in Central Texas is one of the worse districts – If I lived in another area I would not have to be homeschooling my kids. They have dumbed down the education system to the lowest common person. It’s about the money not about education of our children. Sad, Sad world …follow the money it is the cause of this problem.

  7. Anonymous says

    Wow, this is getting to be a crazier world than I had hoped to ever see in my life time. I always thought this type of "policing" would come about, but hoped that parents would be able to keep their rights to raise their own children and not have the combination of the economy & government force parents to work so hard and so much that there is not even time to parent in most cases so the government does it for them whether they want it or not. I chose beans and rice for the family in order to stay home and teach my children as well as be there for them when they need me and even when they think they don't. Single parents don't even have that choice at all. I love my children and want to be with them, but what a relief it would be to feel that I could send them to public school and they would receive an education instead of life threatening situations, or emotionally or mentally being scarred for life by a society whom has abandoned God for the sake of our "Freedoms" when we have become slaves and our children as well as a failed system continues to chip away at all of our rights. Why are we not allowed to live freely in a "Free Country". Everyday there is yet another person that can raise their voice to how to raise children, when their advice is neither wanted or needed and yet if the person does not agree with home school, or the way a parent may look…long hair on the father as an example…etc…they all have the privilege to pick up the phone and call CPS and stir up a load of trouble while the parents have enough on them trying to teach their children, keep them safe from the child molesters and criminals at every corner, while keeping food on the table and attempting to show them how to be nice and well behaved and outgoing while still showing them a reason to enjoy life. The state of everything is so darn depressing and yet how should we teach our children that we live in this great Nation with all this freedom and how they can choose to be anything they want if they work hard enough, when we are living the truth and telling them fairytales (I do pray I am wrong about that, but it so seems). Why put more pressure and take away more freedoms from families, home schooled or not? What is this going to achieve? Absolutely nothing but reducing what little freedoms we still have. The picture is much bigger than all of that and if we don't get it together in this country soon, our precious children are the ones that will suffer and their children and so on, and that is the future of this country. Do we want to be free or do we want to teach our children to be good little slaves? OOur choice is one we are making right now and will affect this country for generations to come. Think about it…..
    God Bless Our Children,

    One concerned Parent

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