Parental Rights and Custody Cases

We have seen again and again home school parents in custody cases faced with judges who decide arbitrarily that the children should not be homeschooled. The most recent high profile case was in North Carolina, in which a judge ruled that the children must be placed in a public school, in spite of the fact that they were doing very well academically, evidently because of the religious beliefs of the mother. The basis upon which judges can to do this is called “in the best interest of the child.” HB 1611 is designed to reassert parental rights by requiring equal treatment of the parents, unless a parent is found to be unfit.

Too often judges allow their own biases to dictate what is “in the best interest of the child,” and this results in the kinds of unfair treatment that home school parents sometimes receive. This change would be a positive step forward. See more details on this issue.