Bedford Battle Moves to the Voting Booth

Freedom-loving people have been fighting the adoption of daytime curfews in cities all over Texas, which we have covered for some time. Bedford has been ground zero since last fall as the city council there adopted the curfew without a public hearing; this week they voted again to keep the curfew in the face of growing opposition from business owners, civil liberty activists, and parents of public, private, and home school students.

I said a while back that, in such a situation, the ultimate solution is to change the city council by electing new members who support freedom and oppose daytime curfews. I also said that THSC PAC would endorse candidates for city council races who support our positions and have the support of local home school leaders.

THSC PAC has announced its endorsement of two candidates for city council in Bedford who meet that criteria, and we strongly urge those who support freedom and oppose daytime curfews to vote for both of them, work for them, and give them financial support. If these candidates who oppose the daytime curfew are elected, it will make a dramatic challenge to the city council, which continues to argue that the curfew is only opposed by a small, vocal minority. It will also likely impact those still on the council. In the last city election in Bedford, there were just over 2000 votes, which means that slightly more than 1000 people can elect these two and change the direction of the city of Bedford.

Bedford has an at-large system, which means that voters cast ballots for each of the two city council places that are up for election. I urge those in the Bedford area to volunteer for these candidates and support them. This is a wonderful opportunity for home school children to learn about “good citizenship” first-hand by working in a grassroots campaign and striking a blow for freedom at the same time. This election can be impacted in a major way by the home school community and their friends and family. It would also have a huge impact in the battle against daytime curfews.

These candidates are:
Dave Gebhart – running for Place 2. His opponent is a 9-year incumbent who supports the daytime curfew and another challenger who also supports the curfew. Contact him at For more info, go to or call 817-280-9874.

Jason McCaffity
– running for Place 1, an open seat. One opponent supports the daytime curfew and the other has not taken a position on it. Contact: For more info, go to or call 682-365-3779.

Early voting is April 27 through May 5, and election day is May 9. Please join me in working to elect these two candidates to the Bedford City Council. Early voting location: Bedford Public Library, 1805 L. Don Dodson Drive


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