Restoring Parental Rights in Texas

Late yesterday we learned that the Texas House Committee on Human Services will hold a hearing on April 9 on the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) (HB 2084). In my view this is providential, since two days before that, THSC Association will sponsor a rally on the south steps of the Capitol to draw attention to and support for this bill, which is designed to protect fit parents from litigation. The rally will be from 3:45 p.m. to 5 p.m.; Governor Rick Perry and other statewide elected officials and legislators will speak, as will parents who have been the victims of these devasting lawsuits. We are asking for home schoolers to come to this rally in large numbers to show support for the measure and, while there, to visit with their own state representatives and ask for their support of the TPRRA.

The hearing for the TPRRA will be on Thursday April 9, and we expect to offer testimony as well as hear from families who have been devasted by such lawsuits that have violated their parental rights. In the last couple of weeks before this hearing was set, lots of calls were made to the committee, and we are not asking for everyone to call committee members. We have talked to every member of the committee and think the most effective strategy at this point is for these legislators to hear only from their own constituents asking for support of the TPRRA. If your state representative is part of the Human Services Committee listed below, please call and ask him/her to restore parental rights in Texas by supporting HB 2084 in the hearing on Thursday.

Again, at this time, only call your own state representative if he/she is one of these members of the Human Services Committee. (Find out who your state representative is.)

Texas House Committee on Human Services:

Patrick Rose, Dripping Springs 512-463-0647
Able Herro, Corpus Christi 512-463-0462
Drew Darby, San Angelo 512-463-0331
Gary Elkins, Houston 512-463-0722
Ana E. Hernandez, Houston 512-463-0614
Bryan Hughes, Mineola 512-463-0271
Elliott Naishtat, Austin 512-463-0668
Ken Leggler, Pasadena 512-463-0460
Armando Walle, Houston 512-463-0924


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