TPRRA Gains Ground in Austin

Last week was a busy one in Austin for THSC. On Tuesday almost 400 home schoolers attended the second of three THSC Capitol Days. They learned about the legislative process and lobbied all 150 Texas House members and 31 Texas State Senators to support the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA).

Later that day, more than a thousand people gathered on the south steps of the Capitol for a rally in support of parental rights in Texas. We asked all those parental rights supporters to speak to their legislators and ask them to co-sponsor the bill. Governor Perry spoke in favor of the TPRRA, as did Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, State Senator Dan Patrick and State Representatives Phil King (author of the bill), Dan Flynn, Charlie Howard, Wayne Christian, Geanie Morrison, Warren Chisum, Ralph Sheffield, and Allen Fletcher.

Wednesday I spoke to committee members of the House Human Services Committee about the bill and became aware that the Family Law Lobby was sending attorneys to the hearing on Thursday to oppose the bill. We issued a call for parents to come to the Capitol to sign affidavits in favor of the bill but not to testify at the hearing, explaining that we needed a strong showing of support to offset the opposition of the Family Law attorneys. On Thursday committee members were shocked to see well over 100 people sign in favor of the bill. Three of us gave testimony in favor of the bill, and an attorney representing the Family Law Foundation spoke in opposition to the bill. We were encouraged by the response of the committee. (View video of the hearing. The hearing was on 4/9, and hearing on our bill starts at about 2:06 into the time.)

We are working to have the TPRRA voted out of the Human Services Committee this week. We really appreciated people who took the time to come and show support for the bill. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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