“Enlightened” Republican Leadership?

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, speaking to a group of business leaders in Dallas last week, called for a more "enlightened" Republican leadership in Texas.“It is in all of our best interest that we have a Republican Party that’s worthy of governing in Texas and also having the message go out to American that the biggest state that is still reliably Republican is a state that has enlightened … [Read more...]

Double Jeopardy for CIA Interrogators

A column today by Gary Bauer talks about the political decision by President Obama's Attorney General to appoint a special investigator to examine the CIA interrogators who were responsible for questioning terrorists and obtaining information to prevent the death of Americans in future terrorist attacks in this country similar to the attacks on 9/11/2001.Liberals have made continued allegations of … [Read more...]

The “Best Interest” of the Child

One of the concerns that many parents have about CPS workers coming to their doors is that often these caseworkers are young, have no children, and have unrealistic views of what is and is not appropriate for children. These young caseworkers often assume a house that is not clean is a sign of abuse or neglect, whereas a parent of several children will know that it is often only a sign of a mother … [Read more...]

Perry Leading the Texas Way

Governor Perry continues to use his bully pulpit to promote his conservative fiscal approach to leading Texas. The latest platform for that message is an article in the Wall Street Journal aptly titled "Fiscal Conservatism and the Soul of the GOP." He defends the fiscal approach that he and the Republican majority in Texas have taken in leading the state since he took office.In spite of a $10 … [Read more...]

Health Care Reform and CPS

Many Texas families continue to deal with unreasonable CPS workers. Last year the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the Gates case that CPS had to change its policy of removing children from a home based solely on the opinion of a case worker or supervisor, requiring a court order before doing so.In June parents all over Texas lobbied the Governor to veto SB 1440, which I discussed at great … [Read more...]

Texas Continues to Leads the Way

More data has been released showing that Texas and its approach of limited government and more freedom for business and individuals is the right approach in encouraging economic development and the prosperity of the people. See Tom Pauken's comments.Texas' population continues to grow, and the state will gain another couple of congressional seats in the next census. As some have rightly commented, … [Read more...]

Texas vs California or Red States vs. Blue States

A recent opinion piece in the New York Times highlights a comparison being made more and more often between Texas and California. It highlights the difference between a conservative and liberal approach to governance.California has become the icon for liberal approach of high government regulation, taxes, and government spending, which has resulted in businesses and individuals fleeing the state … [Read more...]

Governor Calls on Christians to Get Involved

There is no question that evangelical Christians are a key element of the Republican Party's coalition that leads to electoral success. Today a report in the San Antonio Express-News is almost breathless in describing Governor Perry's comments to a church in that city yesterday. He articulated, quite rightly in my view, that freedom of religion should not be confused with freedom from religion. … [Read more...]