Live Free or Die

The state motto of New Hampshire is Live Free or Die, and that seems appropriate for the actions by the home school community last week. As I wrote, there are attempts all over the country to lay the groundwork for government regulations of home schooling. Professors are writing scholarly papers on why home schooling should be controlled by the state, and it usually comes down to: “We don’t know if every home school student is doing well or not, because we don’t test all of them; so we should make them register, approve their curriculum, and test them every year.”

News articles of problems with home schoolers invariably result in editorials calling for the state to set “standards” and controls for home schooling for the “sake of the children.” Then we see, as we did in New Hampshire, some statist lawmaker file legislation to accomplish this goal. When home schoolers ask me if we are on the verge of losing our freedom in the midst of this environment, I remind them that we WON our freedom in the midst of this kind of environment, and by God’s grace we will keep it.

New Hampshire home schoolers showed up by the hundreds for the vote on the bill to take away their freedom, and I’m sure they made hundreds – if not thousands – of phone calls, and the result was a crushing defeat for the effort to bring more government control of home schooling. The vote was 324 against the bill and 34 in favor. This is exactly the kind of political action that we home schoolers have taken over the years when our freedom has been at risk and why we have the freedoms we have today. If we continue to participate in the process in which we elect our legislators and pay attention to attempts to take our freedom, we will continue to Live Free!