Hitler’s Revenge?

Home school families in Germany have been under a full scale assault by the national government for years. The federal officials rely on a statute enacted during the days of the Third Reich and Hitler’s reign. The law states that the state has an overriding interest in the education of the children and requires that all children attend public schools to prevent “the emergence of parallel societies based on separate philosophical convictions.”

This has resulted in the state prosecuting home school families, placing fathers in jail and removing children from the home and placing them in foster care. The situation has become so dire that families who are driven by conviction to protect their children from negative influences of the state-controlled education system have been leaving the country.

Last week a U.S. Immigration Judge in Tennessee rendered a landmark decision when he granted political asylum to a German home school family who had fled their country. The family had been fined more than $10,000 over the years and were facing still further action. This ruling is seen as a slap at Germany for its harsh actions against home school families. In fact, it makes Germany today look much like Hitler’s Third Reich, which considered any action not sanctioned by the state as a threat to the government. We should continue to pray for the courageous home school families in Germany and that the federal government would change its policy.