Runoff Elections Matter

In the upcoming Republican Primary runoff elections, there is one election statewide for the Texas Supreme Court. As I have mentioned here before, I and THSC PAC have endorsed Rick Green in that race. That race will be very important, but for many people it's not the only race.One of the runoff races is in House District 127 in Houston in which THSC PAC and I have endorsed Dr. Susan Curling … [Read more...]

The Weapon of Intimidation

Last night I had dinner with several friends and supporters of THSC, and the discussion turned to politics and the current climate and what the future might hold. Some asked me, "What do we do to change this and protect our freedom?" My response was that we did not get into this mess overnight and we will not get out quickly. I told the story of how, in 1980, I thought we had "won" when Ronald … [Read more...]

Parental Rights an Ongoing Battle

Texas home schoolers have understood the issue of parental rights for many years. The right of a parent to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right that should not be overridden by the state except in the most dire circumstances. In the 1980s many states, including Texas, argued that parents should not be allowed to teach their children at home. … [Read more...]

SBOE District 10 Runoff: Experts or Citizens

The State Board of Education (SBOE) continues to be the focus of (liberal) media attention and denigration. The allegations seem to be that a majority of the the SBOE refuses to listen to the "educational experts" on some issues. Yesterday a Democratic State Senator said he would introduce legislation next year to abolish the SBOE because he disagreed with recent decisions of the board. He cites … [Read more...]


If there was ever any doubt that elections matter, that issue has been settled over the last few month as we have watched the battle over health care reform at the national level. As the public begins to focus on the November general elections as a way to reverse some of the "change" that we are getting, we must not forget that there are runoff elections in April that will have an impact on our … [Read more...]

Health Care Battle Not Over

Last night the U. S. House adopted Obamacare on a vote of 219-212. The irony is not lost on me that the margin of the passage of this bill was provided by "pro-life" Democrats in a deal that was opposed by all pro-life groups.President Obama promised to issue an executive order to "reaffirm" no federal funding of abortion, but the National Right to Life Committee said, "The executive order … [Read more...]

The Next “Final” Vote on Health Care Reform

The battle over health care reform continues, and as I write, the latest prediction is that the U.S. House will vote this Sunday ... if the Democrats have the vote. The political push for votes continues as the House Democratic leadership says they "will have the votes," meaning that they do not currently have them. Since the only Republican member to vote for the bill last fall has stated that he … [Read more...]

SBOE Irks Bill White and the Media

Democratic nominee for Texas Governor, Bill White, has joined the liberal media in attacking the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) for its recent actions in bringing social studies standards back in balance. In fact, he is blaming Governor Perry and calling on his supporters to write Perry and complain about Thomas Jefferson being removed from the World History standards.However, even the … [Read more...]

Good Citizenship?

I responded to an e-mail yesterday asking the question of why we interpret "Good Citizenship" as related to politics instead of some type of community service like volunteering in a food bank or picking up trash. That's a good question. My response was that the Texas Education Code (25.086) allows a student who is attending a private school, which teaches a study of good citizenship, to be exempt … [Read more...]

Health Care Reform – the Final Move?

Democrats in Congress have begun what they are calling the final efforts to pass the historic bid to bring all of health care under the control of government. The President and the Democratic leadership are facing difficult challenges to pass the bill. The bill has something for everyone to support ... or oppose. Fiscal conservatives point to the huge deficits that will result, and supporters of … [Read more...]