If there was ever any doubt that elections matter, that issue has been settled over the last few month as we have watched the battle over health care reform at the national level. As the public begins to focus on the November general elections as a way to reverse some of the “change” that we are getting, we must not forget that there are runoff elections in April that will have an impact on our choices in November.

In the Republican Primary, there is one statewide runoff in a race for the Republican nomination for Texas Supreme Court Place 3. As I have stated before, we are finding that in the battle to restore parental rights, judicial elections are very important and this race is a perfect example. THSC PAC and I have endorsed Rick Green, a home school dad and former State Representative, in that race. I support Rick because he understands and is a strong supporter of parents’ fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Liberty Institute’s non-partisan voter guide for the primary showed that Rick was one of the most conservative candidates in that six-person field. I think it is fair to say that his opponent in the runoff is the least conservative candidate in that field. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the usual liberal newspapers are endorsing his opponent and doing harsh articles about Rick.

Rick does have his defenders and is endorsed by Scott Brister a former Texas Supreme Court Judge, Empower Texans PAC, a conservative group, and many other conservative activists. There are those who say that Rick is not qualified because he has not been a judge, but then neither was Wallace Jefferson, the current Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, before he was appointed to the court.

Rick was never expected to make the runoff as an underfunded candidate, but his grassroots support and strong campaign effort placed him first going into the runoff. These kinds of runoff elections have a very low turnout, and this is the place that we can make a difference. Go to Rick’s website and sign up to help him, make a contribution to his campaign, and be sure that you vote and get all of your friends and family to do so as well. If you are registered to vote but did not vote in the primary, you can vote in this race.

While we’re talking about the runoff, there is a number of runoff elections in which it is vital that we elect conservatives that will support home schooling and parental rights. Several of those are Texas House races and some are local judicial races. Let me give you the links to those races here: HD 14 – Fred Brown, HD 47 – Holly Turner, HD 52 – John Gordon, HD 66 – Van Taylor, HD 83 – Charles Perry, HD 84 – John Frullo, and HD 127 – Susan Curling. In the local judicial races the candidates the THSC PAC has endorsed are: 219 District Court Judge in Collin County – Scott Becker, County Court at Law Judge in VanZandt County – Randy McDonald, County Court at Law place 2 Judge in Wichita County – Tony Fidelie.


  1. Dave Cary says

    I have worked with both Rick Green and Scott Becker. I agree with everything Tim says about Rick. Please allow to expand on Scott Becker.

    Scott Becker has made it clear he understands the constitutional nature of Parental Rights and he has done so publically. To paraphrase his words, he is looking forward to taking on the system. He is offended by the business as usual approach which assumes the state's right to invade our families without due cause.
    Collin County: He is your candidate!

    Dave Cary

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