Parental Rights an Ongoing Battle

Texas home schoolers have understood the issue of parental rights for many years. The right of a parent to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right that should not be overridden by the state except in the most dire circumstances. In the 1980s many states, including Texas, argued that parents should not be allowed to teach their children at home.

Today Germany continues to argue that home schooling is illegal because the state, not the parent, should have the authority to indoctrinate the children. Switzerland and other countries are also moving to make home schooling more difficult or impossible. Home schooling is legal in all 50 states here in the US; however, we see more and more areas in which a parent’s right to make decisions for their own children is overruled by the state.

One area that parental rights is under attack is in the area of medical decisions for children. Most, but not all, states have laws requiring that parents be at least notified prior to their daughter receiving an abortion. There are many on the left who do not think parents should be notified, arguing that children should be able to make those decisions on their own. Today SMU is hosting Dr. Tim Dare of Australia in a presentation regarding the assault or defense of parental rights in regard to making medical decisions for their own children.

Then there is the whole issue of grandparent access laws, which allow grandparents to sue fit parents for access to their grandchildren – or even possession of those grandchildren. Grandparents sometimes have conflict with parents regarding decisions parents are making, and this leads to such lawsuits. This is an issue on which we must educate the public and work at all levels to sustain the rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children. We must avoid the overreaching hand of goverment in the family that we saw in Nazi Germany and The Soviet Union.


  1. Jennifer says

    Tim, thank you so much for keeping us updated on these issues.

    We are parents that do not give all of the "required" vaccines, and you would not believe how difficult it was to leave the hospital, without a hassle, from nurses, hospital lawyers etc. b/c we did not give our baby the Hep. B. vaccine. They pressured us to sign a legal looking waiver, which we changed and initialed to state our reasons why we did not have our baby vaccinated before signing. It basically said that we accept responsibility for putting our child in danger because we did not vaccinate her. We were also told that we were the only parents that refused to vaccinate. It truly was harrassment. We stood firm, but it was so very uncomfortable. They would not discharge me and the baby until they had that paper!

    As we were leaving the hospital, they gave us a card signed by Gov. Perry that welcomed our "new" little Texan and congratulated us for vaccinating our child (which we did not)…and the nurses said if we decided to vaccinate our baby to bring the card back and they would all sign it. Can you believe that? We just smiled and said, "don't hold your breath".

    Keep up the great work, you're blog/newsletter gives parents so much encouragement to stand up for their rights!


  2. Jennifer says

    my husband and I were just talking about all of this type of stuff…thanks for the updates and for all of your hard work on our behalf. prayers are lifted up for you.

  3. Anonymous says

    I am so sorry for your hassle. I think it is every parent's right to choose what medical choices we think our children need as well. If you choose not to vaccinate….that is your choice and you should not be treated as an outcast for that decision! Good for you, standing up for what you believe in….:-) – Marcy

  4. Anonymous says

    Thank you for writing about these issues. The grandparent access laws are definitely something to be aware of. My brother in law and his fiance are currently battling her ex mother in law over the custody of her oldest child. It is truly a very frustrating situation and we need better laws in place to protect everyone from having this happen!

  5. Anonymous says

    We did vaccinate, however when we really learned about all the harm we stopped and that really put people out too. We have to stand up for what we believe in…………keep up the good work.

  6. charli says

    Question for you: if I want to get involved in getting the grandparents access law changes/removed what can I do?

  7. timthsc says

    Get connected to the THSC ( e-newsletter so you can get regular updates. THSC PAC ( will be endorsing candidates for legislature who support this effort. Next year we will lobby to get the statute amended by passing the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act.

  8. Anonymous says

    As the parent of a child severely damaged by vaccines, I applaud any parent who defends their child against state forced vaccination. It is the parent who should make this decision -Not the government (after all, they aren't paying us for the damage it did, and we have had to bear the burden). You cannot sue the doctors or the drug companies for vaccine damage. They get protected from vaccine litigation. You have to go into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This is a Federal program designed to mess families with children damaged by vaccines over some more. It is a joke. We filed when our son was two. Now he is almost eleven and we still wait, after having our life savings and then some drained. Texas has conscientious objection to vaccination, and any medical facility that tries to force this is in violation of a Texas parent's right to choose. The public schools refuse to tell parents about this right due to the fact that they receive state funds for each child they can prove has all the vaccinations. Any parent who wishes to decline any or all vaccinations for their children should write to the Department of Health and Human Services in Austin, Texas, and request a Conscientious Objection to Vaccination form. An original form is required for each child and each place you have to turn it in (such as public school or daycare)The school cannot deny your child admittance then (so long as it is receiving state or federal funds). You need to fill out the form, get it notarized, and then if you don't turn it into a school or daycare, carry it with you and present it any time your child goes to a hospital or doctor. Texas has religious, medical, and conscientious objection to vaccination. My son ,due to the damage done to him, received a lifetime medical exemption to vaccination.

  9. Anonymous says

    If this isn't enough, we had to deal with the school who treated our vaccine-damaged child like a non-person, so after seven years of wasted education, we are now homeschooling, but the school is not going to let go of us quietly as they get $$$$ for our son just being in attendance. Hospitals push vaccines because they get beau coup bucks from the pharmaceutical companies. Read "On the Take," and "The Truth About the Drug Companies and What You Can do About It" Doctors push vaccines because it supplies forty percent of their annual income. As mentioned before, schools push vaccines because they get around 150 dollars or more in state funds for each child it can prove to the state is vaccinated. Politicians push vaccines because Big Pharma contributes a great deal to their campaigns. Parents lose because the vaccine damage causes them to lose their life savings and everything they worked hard for, so how can they possibly fight the federal government of multi-billion dollar drug companies?

  10. Anonymous says

    Any parent wanting to make the most educated decisions about vaccines should read Dr. Stephanie Cave's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations." It is a very objective book, even though Dr. Cave has treated thousands of children damaged by vaccines. She and her former partner testified before Congress on this issue many years ago, and still another child is damaged by vaccines every twenty minutes.

    Parents need to know that vaccines contain many toxins and can go to for more information.

    I never tell parents not to vaccinate because I believe it is truly a personal decision, but I do urge parents to get the full story and educate themselves about vaccines beyond the media hype (The US is one of only two countries that allows prescription drug advertising on television), and the majority of the networks' major advertising dollars comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

    I would not wish on ANY parent what we have been through. It is up to the PARENT to make decisions for their children. Regarding choosing not to vaccinate, stand firm: the brain you save will be your child's.

    I walked into a doctor's office on March 7, 2001, and demanded my child not be given vaccines containing thimerosal (and NO, they DID NOT take it out!). My child was a perfectly healthy, normally developing, talking toddler. The pediatrician lied about the contents of the vaccines, and I walked out with a child who had NO speech and suffered from heavy metal intoxication, toxic encephalopathy, and a host of other biological and neurological problems that continue to this day.

    My son would not speak meaningfully again for more than three years. He has had pneumonia EIGHT times since the age of two. His immune system is damaged -his body cannot even fight off the bacteria that gets introduced from an insect bite. He will develop a staph infection radiating from each and every bite.

    Good luck to you all in your advocacy for parents rights. I hope this post enlightens many of you on the possible side effects of giving 36+ vaccines to tiny children.

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