The Weapon of Intimidation

Last night I had dinner with several friends and supporters of THSC, and the discussion turned to politics and the current climate and what the future might hold. Some asked me, “What do we do to change this and protect our freedom?” My response was that we did not get into this mess overnight and we will not get out quickly. I told the story of how, in 1980, I thought we had “won” when Ronald Reagan was elected and that things would change for the better, for good. They did change for the better for a while, but obviously not forever.

We agreed that we must continue to educate ourselves and participate in the political process – to vote and work for good candidates and keep doing so for the long term. I have talked to many who confessed to me that they have not voted and taken part in the political process because they were “too busy.” That is no longer an option.

This discussion reminded me of the current allegations being leveled by the Democrats and liberals in the media against those who oppose the health care reform bill. They are labeling the dissenters as violent and racist in an attempt to paint all opposition as radicals and turn the debate away from the health care reform measure and against its opponents, in spite of the fact that no evidence of these allegations has ever been presented. That is not all that different from the personal attacks that are levied against those who raised opposition to a radical play at Tarleton State University last week because of its portrayal of Jesus as a homosexual. The play was cancelled, and university officials said the cancellation was due to “safety concerns.”

Over and over conservatives and Christians are attacked personally and portrayed as unreasonable and violent. The same kind of attacks are regularly leveled against the conservatives on the SBOE (State Board of Education) and any other group that deviates from the “politically correct” views of the liberal left in this country. The real issue is that there is an ongoing debate at many levels regarding public policy. When conservatives win, the left responds with personal attacks and character assassinations. The kinds of attacks that the media is highlighting against Democratic congressmen over the health care bill and worse are leveled every day against Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many others conservatives, but that is routinely ignored. President Bush was attacked and excoriated by the left in this country for years, which was celebrated by the left as “participating in democracy;” but now that President Obama is receiving similar treatment, it is somehow wrong.

We must not allow the left and the media to drive us from participating in the political process and the public policy debates that will decide the future of our state and this country.