Bill White: Track Home Schoolers

Democratic nominee for governor, Bill White has attacked Governor Perry for the high dropout rate in Texas schools and proposed some solutions of his own. For someone who supported Barack Obama, we shouldn’t be surprised that it would involve more government control.

White says, “Perry’s claim of 10 percent dropout rate does not include students who continue in school, switch to home schooling, or have no follow up data. These students are not tracked, and the governor does not know whether or not they ever graduated.”

His spokesman goes on to say, “As governor, Bill White will bring a business-like approach to the problem. We need to have accurate counts of how many students are graduating, annual goals, and public accountability for our progress.” Putting those statements together, the only conclusion one can draw is that the state needs to track home school students and see if they graduate. Who then determines when the home school student graduates? What is required for that graduation?

In the view of the vast majority of home schoolers in Texas, that is not a “middle of the road” position. It sounds more like Barack Obama’s approach of expanding the role of government into our lives. This is one more sign that Bill White is not the moderate Democrat he tries to portray himself as, and probably the reason that the media gives him more favorable coverage than it does Governor Perry.