Bill White: Track Home Schoolers

Democratic nominee for governor, Bill White has attacked Governor Perry for the high dropout rate in Texas schools and proposed some solutions of his own. For someone who supported Barack Obama, we shouldn’t be surprised that it would involve more government control.

White says, “Perry’s claim of 10 percent dropout rate does not include students who continue in school, switch to home schooling, or have no follow up data. These students are not tracked, and the governor does not know whether or not they ever graduated.”

His spokesman goes on to say, “As governor, Bill White will bring a business-like approach to the problem. We need to have accurate counts of how many students are graduating, annual goals, and public accountability for our progress.” Putting those statements together, the only conclusion one can draw is that the state needs to track home school students and see if they graduate. Who then determines when the home school student graduates? What is required for that graduation?

In the view of the vast majority of home schoolers in Texas, that is not a “middle of the road” position. It sounds more like Barack Obama’s approach of expanding the role of government into our lives. This is one more sign that Bill White is not the moderate Democrat he tries to portray himself as, and probably the reason that the media gives him more favorable coverage than it does Governor Perry.


  1. LegoMom says

    As a new-to-TX home schooler who LOVES the freedoms here, I think it's time to register to vote!! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on these important issues. I appreciate it!

  2. Dave says

    "White says, 'Perry's claim of 10 percent dropout rate does not include students who …… switch to home schooling…'"

    I don't know whether to feel insulted, frightened, or disgusted.

  3. Katy Bacon, Bill White for Texas says

    Bill White is on the record as a strong supporter of homeschooling, and as governor will protect the rights of parents to make educational choices for their children.

    This week Bill White challenged Rick Perry to stop using a figure for dropout rates that has been largely discredited by researchers and experts and to account for what's happening to children in the Texas public school system. A team at Texas A&M's Bush School for Government and Public Services found that the dropout rate could be *nearly double* what the TEA reports.

    Bill White is certainly NOT saying homeschoolers are dropouts. Homeschooled kids are some of our best and brightest. Hard-working parents across Texas who choose homeschooling are extraordinarily effective in preparing their children for college and careers. Our campaign staff includes several homeschooled Texans, including a policy analyst who attended Baylor University after Bible college and a field director who graduated from the University of Texas.

    In recent months, a number of reports have exposed public schools that falsify records in order to produce a lower than actual dropout rate.

    Governor Rick Perry needs to hold school districts accountable for false dropout rates, and Texans need to hold Rick Perry accountable for his job performance.

    When a public school falsely declares a child who has dropped out as a homeschooler, it hurts the credibility of all parents who chose homeschooling.

    You can read the entire letter from which this post is excerpted at:

  4. Marion Stade says

    Glad to hear both sides. I AM NOT going to vote for Rick Perry if I can help it. During his terms as Gov. he has done some pretty awful things. It seems he has jumped on the Tea Party band wagon because he see how the wind is blowing.


  5. sanjuro says

    If Texans are stupid enough to vote for ANY candidate with a (D) after his or her name they deserve the socialistic take over of their lives that'll come with them. GAWD people haven't you been paying attention to what's been happening? Remember Stupak, Nelson and the rest? WAKE UP!

  6. Anonymous says

    Bill White is a liberal democrat. DO NOT FOOL YOURSELVES!

    After he left his job as mayor of Houston, some very shady financial conflicts have come to light. The man may be a good "administrator" of a city, but as governor, he will be in a position to affect all of us on a much broader basis.

    Rick Perry is a CONSERVATIVE. He may not be perfect, but as a CONSERVATIVE, I will vote for him.

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks for posting both sides and, gee, doesn't Bill White's position sound friendly? However, there's no way to "track" whether or not someone has pulled their child from public school in order to homeschool unless the state has some authority to "verify" curriculum, hours schooled, etc. Sly way of spinning it, White Campaign, but it still sounds like justification for state regulation to me. NO THANKS!

  8. Anonymous says

    RE: ""

    "Bill White is on the record as a strong supporter of homeschooling, and as governor will protect the rights of parents to make educational choices for their children."

    Please stop insulting true patriots with political psycho-babble.

    Who said it? "Those who don't read the papers are UNinformed. Those who do read the papers are MISinformed".

    Just because "information" is presented on Bill White's web page doesn't lend ANY credibility to HIS "facts".

    Double Amen to Sanjuro.

  9. Mrs. C says

    Bill White is the same guy who started up a program to go DOOR TO DOOR to "encourage" dropouts to get back to school. The thing is, it wasn't even just school officials doing it (and that's bad enough)… they must give out personal information on "dropouts" to about anyone who feels called to harass them on their own property. Over **15,600*** "volunteers" getting access to this information. I wish I were kidding:

    We should include people who "continue in school" as well as homeschoolers as dropouts, too. This guy is brilliant.

  10. timthsc says


    No political psychobabble here.

    If you notice White's spokesman did not retract his proposal to track students who withdraw from public school to home school.

    He may be for home schooling but apparently he thinks its best to solve these public school problems by instituting state control of at least some home schools. Don't know too many true patriots in Texas that think we need that.

  11. Anonymous says

    I am new to homeschooling, however, I cannot imagine why any government, r or d needs to track my children. If they show up in college, they are tracked, if they start their own business they are tracked, if they live in my home for the next twenty years (let's hope not) the government will track them. I am not for anyone knocking on my door for any reason. If children are dropping out, make public school better. I think that the tracking issue would then be mute. I find it funny that most politicians would rather spend our money to hunt us down and hold us down, than to take a decaying institution that has become a progressive playground for years and do what is right by the taxpayers. I still pay my taxes for everyone else to go to school. Leave us alone.

  12. Debbie S. says

    The very idea of tracking tells you that this guy (White) is an Obama follower. Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives, and they would love to tell us what to do with our children. Guess what? I've been homeschooling for 13 years. You're not stopping me now!

  13. R. Chambers says

    Two reasons why I will not vote for Bill White: 1. I think Rick Perry is very Homeschool friendly and his record proves it compared to Bill White.

    2. I work in the environmental field. Bill White is an Obama Democrat that will fall lock stock and barrel with Obama environmental policies that will harm the petrochemical sector, which is approximately 30% of the Texas economy. Because of that sector, and pro-business policies, Texas has not suffered a recession like other States in the union.

  14. Anonymous says

    R Chambers. I agree with your #1 and #2 justification and will add a #3. Governor Perry says and supports 2 words dear to my heart. Those are "Tort Reform".

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