For or Against Regulation of Home Schooling?

Campaigns have a way of educating all those involved. Voters get to know things about candidates that would not have known except for the process of the campaign. Candidates get educated by prospective voters while campaigning for votes, and that has certainly been true in the Republican primary runoff for HD 127 in Houston.

THSC PAC endorsed Dr. Susan Curling in the runoff for Texas HD 127 because of her conservative positions and her support for home schooling and parental rights. I wrote about that race here last week and the controversy regarding her opponent, Dan Huberty, and his position on home schooling. In February of this year Mr. Huberty responded to the THSC PAC questionnaire and answered “No” to the question, “Will you oppose any state regulation of home schooling?”

Consequently, we have communicated this information to the home school community in the district in our support of Dr. Curling. We had a home school mom contact us to convey that Dan Huberty had come by her home campaigning, and when asked by her husband what he thought about home schooling, he said that he believed that home school parents should be required to be certified by the state before being allowed to teach their children at home.

On Wednesday night Huberty posted a comment on his facebook page regarding his position on home schooling. He said, “I will fight to defend your rights … I am against additional governmental regulations…. Those who say that I say otherwise simply do not have their facts straight.” He also said, “My stances on the issues have been consistent and clear from the day we started this campaign….”

While I am glad that Mr. Huberty has changed his position on home schooling, the fact is that he has not been consistent on that issue from the beginning of his campaign. In spite of the fact that he has conveyed to several home schoolers that he had called our office regarding his position or sent an e-mail, we had not heard from him until he called our office yesterday. I talked to him this morning, and he told me that he was reversing his position on home schooling as stated in the questionnaire and would now oppose any state regulation of home schooling.


  1. Ann Seeton says

    He is clearly a politician who will say anything to get elected and then do as he pleases–like OBAMA

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