TEA Audits Public Schools on Dropout Issue

Last week I wrote about the news story regarding school districts who may be falsifying their withdrawal records to artificially lower their dropout numbers. I have mentioned before that we have been forwarding anecdotal information of these kinds of situations we receive to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and working with them on the issue for more than a year.

Yesterday the TEA informed us they are launching a statewide audit of public school withdrawal records. They will be calling parents of students who were withdrawn to homeschool, from selected school districts to confirm with the family that they did indeed withdraw to homeschool. They will ask several questions about that withdrawal process but will not ask questions about the family’s home schooling.

We want to let the home school community know about this process in order to avoid undue concerns. This is actually a step in bringing some accountability to public school officials who “encourage” some students to homeschool and, in other situations, the students simply dropped out of school and the school reported them as home schoolers.


  1. Debbie S. says

    Maybe this will help eliminate some of those who give homeschooling a bad name. I get so tired of ps people saying we don't do anything! I hope they weed out those who are just delinquent.

  2. Anonymous says

    There is a school district near me who tells drop-outs to say they are home schooling. I know one lady who's daughter was a run-away. The school prepared to file a Thwarting Compulsory Attendance case against her and she went to the office to say her daughter had run away. They invited her to withdraw the child to "homeschool". SHAMEFUL

  3. timthsc says

    I think the bigger problem is public school officials "dumping" their problem students for whatever reason and then castigating home schoolers. The comment from anonymous above is typical of a lot of anecdotal evidence we receive and pass on to the TEA.

  4. Anonymous says

    Would one expect any less from a unionized societal parasite whose only purpose is to breed, grow, and kill it's host? Wow, did you see the inspirational article about homeschooler Mitchel Towns from Tomball? Way to go Mitchel! God bless your efforts to be productive in society and the kingdom of God.

  5. Rebecca says

    I get phone calls from people asking questions about homeschooling and a few have mentioned that the SCHOOLS have suggested that the family homeschool. The schools have given families information from a website I created. I find that odd. Also, when I tried to put my homeschooled high schooler IN to public school I was told that it would be easier for him to get into a college than into our local high school. Odd, but the local college gave us less flack about enrolling than our local public school.

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