Justice or Politics

Last month I wrote about the fact that the battle to restore parental rights in Texas is bound up with justice and the need to elect judges who are fair and impartial and willing to enforce the law as written rather than their own opinions. In that same blog entry, I mentioned an opinion by the Second Court of Appeals in Ft. Worth that had ordered a Tarrant County judge to vacate several rulings over the last three years and return a young child to her mother. The child was in the custody of the grandparents. After that order was rendered, the grandparents filed an emergency repeal with the Texas Supreme Court; a week later the Court rejected their appeal and the daughter was reunited with her mother, but the grandparents have instigated another suit to remove the daughter.

I also talked about an ongoing political battle in Collin County in which the “lame duck” District Attorney appears to be abusing the power of his office by seeking to force the removal of a judge, Suzanne Wooten, who defeated one of his friends two years ago. Yesterday several news stories appeared that indicate there is another Collin County Grand Jury that has been impaneled to investigate the DA and his office. Local observers report that the DA’s office refused to allow a 2009 grand jury it had impaneled to vote on the Wooten case; Assistant DA Chris Milner stated, “He was going to wait for a better jury.” This same grand jury had refused to indict Judge Greg Willis, who is the incoming District Attorney.


  1. Anonymous says

    I must point out that those "grandparents" are not grandparents at all, but merely parents of the man who was married to the mother at the time she gave birth.

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