Collin County Courthouse Circus

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton. This is the phrase that comes to mind as I continue to follow what Collin County locals are calling a “political witch hunt.” The District Attorney in Collin County has now withdrawn from a case in which he has indicted the district clerk for falsifying time records of employees who were allegedly paid for working on political campaigns. It has come to light that the DA’s office has apparently done the same thing.

The DA empanelled six grand juries seeking indictments against a district judge who defeated his friend in 2008. In the spring he asked the Attorney General’s office to investigate and that office returned indictments against the current judge, her campaign manager, and a couple involved in a custody case, with bribery charges. The judge has been suspended with pay until the issue is resolved, and earlier reports said that the DA’s office sought to force the judge to resign. If these folks are exonerated at trial, the Attorney General should fire the attorneys who participated with the Collin Count DA in this travesty.

The Dallas Morning News rightly refers to this as a Courthouse Circus in Collin County; the citizens of Collin County deserve better.

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