Lame Duck Drama

The drama continues in Washington, D.C. as the lame duck congress tries to force through controversial legislation that has been postponed until the very end of the session. The House, after much drama on both sides of the aisle, passed the compromise bill which is a measure worked out between Senate Republicans and President Obama to prevent tax increases in January.However, Senate Democratic … [Read more...]

They Just Don’t Get It

While the tax compromise bill, which would prevent a tax increase in January, passed the Senate easily, it is facing growing opposition from conservatives who argue that not having a deal would be better than passing this bill at this time. Many prefer to allow the Republican majority in the U.S. House, next January, to not only fix the tax issue but also make it permanent instead of for a … [Read more...]

The Feds vs. America

The federal government’s war against Texas and other states continues to escalate. As I have written on several occasions this year, the Obama administration is using the agencies it directs to accomplish by rule what it cannot accomplish through the legislative process.The states, however, are pushing back. Texas and other states have sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Now a Federal … [Read more...]

Intimidation and Illegal Hearing

The race for Speaker of the Texas House continues to escalate as more and more citizens contact their State Representative to express their desire for a conservative speaker. Last week the Liberty Institute issued a press release pointing out that a hearing by the House Ethics Committee to investigate allegations that Speaker Straus’s supporters had threatened to redistrict those who did not … [Read more...]

Leadership Matters

In the wake of the election of huge Republican majorities in the U. S. House and Texas House, there have been, as always, new elections for leadership in both political parties. I find it interesting that some wring their hands and talk about division and conflict when this happens. Come to think of it that’s exactly what those who challenged Republican incumbents in the primary were accused … [Read more...]