Home Schooling on Fox News

Yesterday Fox News did a national story on “The Evolution of Home Schooling” focusing on home schooling in Texas. The story mentioned that Texas leads the country in home schooling and that well over a million students across the nation are taught at home.

My friend Anne Gebhart and her children were interviewed in Dallas for the story. Anne and her husband Dave head up HEART, the regional home school organization for North Texas, and have been leaders for well over a decade. Dave is also on the Advisory Committee of the Texas Home School Coalition.

The news piece pointed out that parents are free to homeschool in Texas without state oversight or regulation. In fact, Texas is perhaps the most free homeschool state in the country, and the reason for that is that Texas homeschool parents quickly respond any time there is an attempt to take away this freedom. THSC continues to monitor legislation, state agencies and school districts to make sure that they respect the rights of home schoolers in Texas.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll sound the alarm whenever an attempt is made to pass legislation that would in any way erode homeschool freedom in Texas, and I know that Texas home schoolers will respond as they have in the past. Texas is a great place to live, and Texas home schoolers are the BEST!