TPRRA Committee Vote

Last week we had 300 home schoolers participate in THSC Capitol Day in which they learned about the legislative process and actually lobbied the legislature in support of the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA), or HB 2557. Later we hosted a rally for Parental Rights on the south steps of the Capitol. Response from the legislature was very positive.

Yesterday a committee substitute for HB 2557 was filed (CSHB 2557). This bill will be substituted for the original HB 2557 and voted on in the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee on Thursday, April 14. A committee substitute is a way of amending or changing the original filed bill with revisions to respond to opponents or those who have raised concerns about unintentional consequences of the legislation.

This bill will restore parental rights by changing the law to requiring that grandparents who file suit for access prove that they meet the requirements of the law at a hearing within 45 days of notifying the parent of the suit. This requirement will prevent lawsuits that drag on for years under “temporary” orders. The bill also does not allow a court to order any temporary orders until the grandparents have shown evidence that they meet the requirements of the law. Current law allows a judge to place the children with grandparents and all sorts of temporary actions, regardless of the fact that the parent is not guilty of any abuse or neglect.

If your state representative serves on this committee, please call their office today and ask them to support CSHB 2557 and vote it out of committee. If you don’t know who your state representative is go here. This vote is critical. We need calls as soon as possible to these legislators from their constituents.

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