How “Friends” Kill Your Bills

A week ago today we worked hard at the Capitol to build support for SB 1214, which was on the House Calendar for debate on the very last day that Senate Bills could be heard in the House. We worked hard and contacted every member of the House, and it appeared that we had strong support for this bill that would require UIL to allow private schools to compete against public schools in … [Read more...]

Support SB 1214

Last night the Texas House prepared to debate and vote on the Fiscal Matters Bill (SB 1581), the bill to which we had planned to offer an amendment that would allow private schools to compete in University Interscholastic League (UIL). That bill was killed on a point of order, which eliminated the opportunity that we were seeking to revive HB 2322, the House version of the Equal Access Bill.Today … [Read more...]

Private School UIL Vote

The House Public Education Committee voted SB 1214 out of committee on Thursday night, and the Calendars Committee has placed it on the Calendar for Tuesday, which is now the last day for Senate bills to be heard. These actions are a testament to the support for private school participation in UIL since this measure is strongly opposed by the Texas High School Coaches Association. SB 1214 has … [Read more...]

UIL and TPRRA update

The Texas legislative session has about two weeks to go, and people are working hard to get bills passed, kill legislation they view as bad, and find bills to add amendments to in order to pass legislation. We are no different. Our Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) (HB 2557) died last week on the House Calendar a dozen or so bills from the last bill heard. So we continue to look for … [Read more...]

HB 2557 Misses House Vote

Thursday night, May 12, the Texas House of Representatives debated and voted on bills until midnight as it was the deadline to have House bills voted out of committee. The Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) HB 2557 was down the list another dozen bills or so when time ran out. While this was disappointing it was not unexpected, and we will continue to look for other legislative vehicles … [Read more...]

Private Schools in UIL Update

Last week the Texas House Public Education Committee passed HB 2322 that would require UIL to allow private schools to compete in the league along with public schools. Eight members of the committee registered their support, and the bill was moved to the Calendars Committee, which chooses bills to send to the House floor for debate and vote. While this is good news, the better news is that the … [Read more...]

TPRRA Calendars Update

The Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (HB 2557) was finally sent to the House Calendars Committee last week. We have worked hard to add co-sponsors to the bill to show support for the measure that will close a loophole in the Grandparent Access Law, which has allowed some grandparents to sue single, fit parents and drag lawsuits out for year, at costs of thousands of dollars, to gain … [Read more...]

TPRRA in Calendars Committee

The Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (HB 2557) was voted favorably out of the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee last week. The bill has been delayed in being reported to the House Calendars Committee, the committee that is responsible for sending bills to the House floor for debate and vote, until yesterday.The deadline for House bills to be voted out of the House is Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Private Schools and UIL

The Texas legislature is considering legislation (SB 1214 and HB 2322) that would bring Texas into the twenty-first century to join 47 other states in allowing private schools to compete against public schools in the University Interscholastic League (UIL). UIL was established by the legislature in 1910 and was initially open to all students as a debate league. It was later merged with a group … [Read more...]