Judicial Assault on Parental Rights Continues

As the first Special Session of the Texas Legislature begins to draw to a close, the chances of passing the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) are diminishing. HB 2557 made it further through the process this session than our bill in the last session. More legislators understand the problem facing fit parents in the abuse of the Grandparent Access Statute, and the support for addressing … [Read more...]

UIL Bill Killed

Last week the Texas House considered numerous amendments to SB 1 regarding the budget and “fiscal matters.” One of those amendments was the one by State Rep. John Garza that was the same as HB 54 that would have mandated that UIL allow private schools to compete against public schools and that home school students would be able to participate in the school district in which they … [Read more...]

UIL in Special Session

The Special Session of the Texas Legislature continues to move ahead as the governor adds issues to the agenda that the legislature may address. Rep. John Garza has filed HB 54, which is the UIL participation bill from the regular session with additional language that will allow home schooled students to participate in UIL activities in the school district in which they live. The language in this … [Read more...]