God Bless That Tarrant County Jury

Tomorrow the fit Tarrant County father who has been separated from his thirteen year-old daughter for more than three years will be reunited with her. What some have called a “legal kidnapping” by a judge (who has done this before) who issued a temporary order to remove her from the father has been reversed after a 10-day trial. The temporary order was issued on the basis that he was an … [Read more...]


Yesterday afternoon the jury in the parental rights trial in Ft. Worth rendered their decision. In a 11-1 vote they reversed the ruling of the judge in the three year-old "temporary" order removing the daughter from the fit father. She is to be reunited with her father on Tuesday. This judge has a pattern of abusing fit parents like this. … [Read more...]

Final Arguments in Parental Rights Trial

Wednesday final witnesses were called in the Fort Worth Parental Rights Trial. As you will recall, a fit father is trying to regain possession of his daughter after three years with the grandparents under a judge’s “temporary orders.” A home school leader and friend of this father was stellar in her testimony and was not intimidated by the harsh treatment by the grandparents’ attorneys. … [Read more...]

Parental Rights Trial May go to Jury Today

The parental rights trial in Fort Worth enters what may be its final day today. The fit father lost his daughter after he moved with his daughter and missed nine days of court-ordered grandparent visitation. The usual court response to this action would be to place the daughter with the grandparents for nine days and then place her back with the father. … [Read more...]

Neighbors Earn – Home Schoolers Get Harassed

The Mansfield and Arlington Independent School Districts have launched a new program in conjunction with “Crime Stoppers.” What is this new program to stop crime? It is the “You Earn, They Learn, Stop Truancy” plan to “utilize a reward system for trying to combat truancy.”The idea is really simple. In fact, it sounds like something Adolf Hitler may have used. Neighbors should be on the lookout for … [Read more...]

Home Schooling On Trial

The trial in Fort Worth in which a fit father is seeking to regain possession of his daughter finished up its first week on Friday with the grandparents calling the court-appointed psychologist to the stand. He amended his report just before the trial began to allege that the daughter told him she wanted to stay with the grandparents and have only “supervised” visitation with her father. His … [Read more...]

Parental Rights Jury Trial Update

The trial began on Monday with the selection of the jury, and in the course of asking questions of potential jury members it appeared that 15% of the jury pool had either homeschooled before or had been homeschooled themselves. While the grandparents’ attorneys obviously did not want any of these folks to be chosen for the jury, some actually were. … [Read more...]

Ft. Worth Trial Update

The first day of the trial in Fort Worth began with a motion by the attorneys for the grandparents asking the judge to post a notice for observers in the court to maintain “decorum.” Warn people not to cause noise or make any facial expressions or other actions that might influence the jury, and no cameras or other devices. This admonition appeared to be directly aimed at home school families who … [Read more...]

Parental Rights on Trial – Begins Next Monday in Fort Worth

A year ago we began to help a member of our association, a single father who had been struggling to regain possession of his daughter for almost three years. We’ve talked about his story on a number of occasions and about how the legal system is being used to violate the rights of this fit father, taking away his daughter because her grandparents simply disagree with how he wants to rear his … [Read more...]

Home Schooling – Know the Law!

The beginning of the school year is just around the corner, and the usual number of back-to-school articles is beginning to appear along with articles about home schooling. It is important for parents to be sure they are getting accurate information because often information stated as fact is not correct. A case in point is a July 8 article in the Weatherford Democrat about home schooling. … [Read more...]