Yesterday afternoon the jury in the parental rights trial in Ft. Worth rendered their decision. In a 11-1 vote they reversed the ruling of the judge in the three year-old “temporary” order removing the daughter from the fit father. She is to be reunited with her father on Tuesday. This judge has a pattern of abusing fit parents like this.

While this is far from over, this is a huge win, not only for this suffering father, but for parental rights in general. This case may be appealed and the attorneys for this father have been careful to preserve all the evidence and arguments in this case to make an appeal successful if that becomes necessary.

Continue to pray for the father and his daughter as they reunite after more than three years of separation and attempts by the grandparents to alienate her from her father. Pray also for the remaining issues in the trial that must be resolved. The grandparents have asked the court to require the father to pay their legal fees and pray for THSC that we can continue to raise the funds to pay the current legal fees for the father that are approaching $40,000.