Yesterday afternoon the jury in the parental rights trial in Ft. Worth rendered their decision. In a 11-1 vote they reversed the ruling of the judge in the three year-old “temporary” order removing the daughter from the fit father. She is to be reunited with her father on Tuesday. This judge has a pattern of abusing fit parents like this.

While this is far from over, this is a huge win, not only for this suffering father, but for parental rights in general. This case may be appealed and the attorneys for this father have been careful to preserve all the evidence and arguments in this case to make an appeal successful if that becomes necessary.

Continue to pray for the father and his daughter as they reunite after more than three years of separation and attempts by the grandparents to alienate her from her father. Pray also for the remaining issues in the trial that must be resolved. The grandparents have asked the court to require the father to pay their legal fees and pray for THSC that we can continue to raise the funds to pay the current legal fees for the father that are approaching $40,000.


  1. Anonymous says

    What basis would the grandparents have to have the father (who won) to pay for their legal fees? They should not have had the child taken away in the first place. Maybe that abusive JUDGE should have to pay the fees….

  2. Anonymous says

    Praise God!! I pray that this young lady can see a different side of life now that she is with her father. One full of love and forgiveness instead of revenge and bitterness.

  3. timthsc says

    At the beginning of the trail the grandparents' attorneys asked to split the case into two parts the second to ask the court to require the father to pay their legal fees because he chose to have a jury trial. We'll see how that works out.

  4. Anonymous says

    I realize this case is all about parental rights but I don't understand why the THSC is making this about homeschooling rights. Am I missing something? Most of the arguments seemed to be about the fact that after her mother passed away, the father (having every right to raise his own daughter) decided to move with her out of state and the grandparents were "afraid of never seeing her again". Was anything about homeschooling even argued in this case? I totally agree that what the grandparents did was WRONG but can also sympathize and understand their fear and motivation to do what they did…they had just lost their daughter and were now losing their granddaughter in their mind. (again…no excuse for pulling this custody junk but they were hurting and deperate I can't help but feel a little sorry for them.) It's hard to believe the court system enabled them to get away with it though and for so long. I really feel for that poor girl who now has to "re-aquaint" her self with her own father thanks to the grandparents. Just sad for everyone involved. And what a waste to have to fight for something that should never have been an issue in the first place. I hope they can work out their relationship for the sake of that little girl. She is obviously loved by both parties which is what started this mess in the first place.

  5. Anonymous says

    I don't understand what this case has to do with homeschooling (other than the fact that this case interfered with parental rights). I am totally on the father's side but from what I read didn't he violate a court order in not allowing the grandparents an ordered visitation by taking her out of state (which triggered this whole thing)? I feel for both sides and that poor girl being stuck in the middle. Although I don't agree with what the grandparents did…it sounds like they all love that girl and were afraid she would be taken from them since the father and mother were obviously not together at the time of her death. It was most likely a nasty divorce and grandparents were grieving the loss of their own daughter and desperate to keep their grand daughter in their lives but chose and extreme (AND WRONG) way of dealing with it. Hopefully they can all work TOGETHER for the best interest of the girl they all love. VERY glad to hear the father won in this case though. Very sad when broken families can't get along for the sake of the children.

  6. timthsc says

    THSC got involved in this case because of the obvious direct attack by the grandparents and this judge on the fundamental constitutional right of parents to make parenting decisions for their children, including the decision to home school. This is not the first case in which we have seen grandparents abuse the legal system in this way and it must be stopped.

    The father and mother had been divorced (it was amicable) and shared joint custody until she died. The father moved to Idaho, as he had a right to do, but missed 9 days of court ordered visitation. The legal remedy would have been 9 days to make that up, instead the judge allowed the grandparents' to manufacture circumstances as outlined in the closing arguments that would give them their granddaughter for a year and a half and put them in a legal position to take her away from the father permanently.

    We had legislators ask why THSC was seeking to amend the grandparent access statute with HB 2557 in the last session. We gave the same explanation. This is about the right of every fit parent to make decisions for their children and non-parents must not be allowed to take away that right just because they have more money.

  7. Anonymous says

    If you allow Parental Rights be attached anywhere, they will be attached everywhere. We have to convince all courts that parents are best to decide what a child needs, not the judiciary or any other governmental body.

    This is just one step at a ime.

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