Back In Court

The Tarrant County father who regained custody of his daughter in a jury trial last August will be back in the same court today to ask the same judge to require his daughter’s grandparents to pay his legal fees. The Texas Family Code allows the judge to require the grandparents to pay the legal fees since the jury ruled against them.

Last Friday the attorney for the grandparents notified the father’s attorney that “there are a number of issues that still need to be addressed by the court.” While the attorney has not scheduled a hearing to address the issues, he wants the court to sanction the father in the matter of failing to give notice when moving with his daughter in 2008 and missing court-ordered grandparent visitation as well as failing to comply with the court’s order regarding a social study and a mental exam. He also wants the court to address possession and access, telephone access, possible changes to “long-distance access,” possible appointment of “parent facilitator,” and other unnamed issues.

The jury verdict renders the whole issue of the move and missing grandparent visitation moot, and as one attorney explained, losing your daughter for three years should be sufficient “punishment” for failing to give notice. The order affirmed by the jury verdict already deals with access, possession, and telephone access. A motion before the court would be necessary to address “long-distance access” and whatever a “parent facilitator” is. At this point no hearing has been sought to address these issues, but the grandparents apparently plan to do so or to ask the judge during today’s hearing to address them.

This is the latest salvo in the sordid saga by these grandparents to take the daughter from her fit father. The judge has been less than impartial in the past, and we will see how he responds today. THSC continues to seek help in raising funds to pay for the ongoing legal fees for this father in this battle for parental rights. This should not be happening in Texas! Please join us in prayer for this father and the legal proceedings today. If you would like to contribute to help with the legal fees, go here.


  1. Ann says

    I think the phone issue can be resolved by the grandparents giving the girl her own phone which THEY pay for and which she keeps. I've seen that work in divorces where the parent who fears being cut off gives the kids phones at that parent's expense.

  2. timthsc says

    And that is the crux of the matter. The grandparents in this and many other cases want to have the same rights as parents and they are in fact not parents!

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