Race for Texas U.S. Senate Seat Begins!

It is January of 2012, an election year. Voters in Texas will choose men and women to represent them in Congress, the US Senate, and the Texas legislature, and we will live with the consequences, good or ill, for the next two or more years. It is critical to our freedom in Texas and in the United States of America that people educate themselves on the candidates running for office and vote for those who represent their beliefs and values.

The Texas Home School Coalition PAC has and will continue to endorse candidates who we believe will stand up for the fundamental constitutional right of parents to direct the care, control, and upbringing of their children. A debate among five candidates for US Senate will air tonight, sponsored by Empower Texans and the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), for those seeking the Republican nomination for the seat that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is vacating.

THSC PAC has endorsed Ted Cruz in this race, but I strongly urge you to watch the debate, which will be streamed live by TPPF beginning at 7 p.m., to become better informed about those who seek to represent Texas in the US Senate. If you cannot watch the debate live, you can follow the same link to view a recording of it.  

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