Home Schooling Challenged in Texas Court

Several weeks ago I left home on a Sunday evening and flew to Austin to get up early the next morning and drive to Cameron, Texas to testify in a divorce case in the Milam County Courthouse. A member of our Association contacted us because her husband who had always been very supportive of their home schooling informed her he wanted a divorce.

The paternal grandparents are prominent citizens in that small community and are represented by the new judge’s former law firm. The husband has made comments that they “own the courthouse” and will take the children from the mother.

The parents of the husband, who is a pilot and travels two weeks a month, are seeking to gain joint custody with their son. In spite of the fact that the attorney for the mother pointed out that the Texas Family Code does not allow the grandparents to be conservators in this situation, the judge postponed a decision on the matter saying he wanted to hear more testimony on the issue.

As I gave testimony as an expert witness on the matter, the attorneys for the father and grandparents challenged home schooling in general. I referred to the numerous studies supporting home schooling as a valid educational alternative. In fact, the argument being used as to why this mother should not have custody of her three children is that she home schooled, isolated her children, and is too protective. In her own testimony the mother clarified that it was the husband who required her to withdraw from the local support group because he thought they were “too religious” and also required them to withdraw from numerous other social activities.

There is a very real danger that the judge in this case will ignore the law and place the children with the grandparents. An upcoming hearing in this case is scheduled for next week, Friday, February 24th, in Cameron. If you live in this area or near there, I strongly urge you to attend this hearing and bring your friends to show strong support for this embattled home school mom and to observe the judge who is up for reelection this year.

More and more we are seeing families suffer at the hands of biased judges, and we must stand together as a community to support those who are under such attack. According to the evidence presented in the earlier hearing, this mom has amazing children who are doing very well academically. She urgently needs our prayers and support. I hope you will attend the hearing, and by quietly observing, I believe your presence will demonstrate your support for her and for home schooling. For details and more information contact Stacey Clark at selah8rose {at} yahoo.com.