Home Schooling Challenged in Texas Court

Several weeks ago I left home on a Sunday evening and flew to Austin to get up early the next morning and drive to Cameron, Texas to testify in a divorce case in the Milam County Courthouse. A member of our Association contacted us because her husband who had always been very supportive of their home schooling informed her he wanted a divorce.

The paternal grandparents are prominent citizens in that small community and are represented by the new judge’s former law firm. The husband has made comments that they “own the courthouse” and will take the children from the mother.

The parents of the husband, who is a pilot and travels two weeks a month, are seeking to gain joint custody with their son. In spite of the fact that the attorney for the mother pointed out that the Texas Family Code does not allow the grandparents to be conservators in this situation, the judge postponed a decision on the matter saying he wanted to hear more testimony on the issue.

As I gave testimony as an expert witness on the matter, the attorneys for the father and grandparents challenged home schooling in general. I referred to the numerous studies supporting home schooling as a valid educational alternative. In fact, the argument being used as to why this mother should not have custody of her three children is that she home schooled, isolated her children, and is too protective. In her own testimony the mother clarified that it was the husband who required her to withdraw from the local support group because he thought they were “too religious” and also required them to withdraw from numerous other social activities.

There is a very real danger that the judge in this case will ignore the law and place the children with the grandparents. An upcoming hearing in this case is scheduled for next week, Friday, February 24th, in Cameron. If you live in this area or near there, I strongly urge you to attend this hearing and bring your friends to show strong support for this embattled home school mom and to observe the judge who is up for reelection this year.

More and more we are seeing families suffer at the hands of biased judges, and we must stand together as a community to support those who are under such attack. According to the evidence presented in the earlier hearing, this mom has amazing children who are doing very well academically. She urgently needs our prayers and support. I hope you will attend the hearing, and by quietly observing, I believe your presence will demonstrate your support for her and for home schooling. For details and more information contact Stacey Clark at selah8rose {at} yahoo.com.


  1. Dojo Mom says

    Let this mother and her children know that my daughters and I support her in prayer. We have been homeschooling since 2002, and could not imagine living any other way.

    • says

      How wonderful that Mr Lambert went to this family’s aid! I will praying for them. I am in a divorce as well and my husband is trying to get the kids put in public school. I have always home schooled our 4 kids. I read that the HSLDA doesn’t get involved in cases like this because they are so common in a divorce.

  2. Stacey Clark says

    Please note my email address in the blog is incorrect ..please contact me at
    selah8rose {at} yahoo.com . Thanks !! Stacey Clark

  3. Stacey Clark says

    The mother is so very grateful for your support .. I am keeping track of those who have RSVP to be in attendance Friday( and we are hoping to fill that courtroom). As well as a list of people committed to pray . Believing God for mercy and justice . I have tried to keep up
    And answer each email but please let me know if there are questions .

    • Richard Simonson says

      Hello Stacy–My family and myself are greatfull for your support and encouragement for Heather and the children with the pending court case in Cameron. As Heathers’ Dad I am especially thankfull she has so much support from around the State. We are hopefull for a good outcome. May God bless you a your family as well as all those praying for my daughters family. family.

  4. Christina S says

    We will try to be there! How sad. THIS is how we lose our rights, bit by bit until we’ve lost everything. I realize that grandparent’s love their grandchildren but nothing can replace a mother’s love and taking them away from their mother will cause more damage than they think. You can not replace a mother’s love. You also can’t tell a mother how to raise her children.

      • Tim Storey says

        The judge prior to this judge also came from the same law firm. They are entrenched in this courthouse. Prayers and attendance needed!

        • Tim Storey says

          I need advice. I want to post your blog on my Facebook page and people in this are know what is going on. But, my concern is that this will alert the other side to bring out more supporters. Should we keep our requests for attendance in more private circles only?

          • says

            This is public and the other side has brought out supporters in an earlier hearing. I don’t think there is any reason not to publicize this widely.
            The publicity is achieved the more likely the judge is to follow the law and not let the grandparents become a party to this suit and give the mother custody of her children.

  5. Stacey Clark says

    Tim Storey…i had same reservations and kept it off Facebook for the past week…however others began posting it and bombarding me with questions so i went ahead and posted also. We will just continue to trust God for mercy and justice..
    Again so very grateful for the amazing support . Please remember that prayer is no “smail part ” to play..it is our greatest weapon of warfare.
    The mama involved is humble and extremely grateful for all of you.
    Will notify you through email and this blog of any changes or new information.
    Blessings., stacey clark

    • Stacey Clark says

      ps We have been encouraged by THSC to post pics just before , during (possibly discreetly at recesses) , and just after and post on FB, twitter, ect…
      We must be very sensitive about NOT offending the judge ,ect…so please use discretion !! I am sure photographs are not allowed in the actual courtroom..however i will check with lawyer on that specifically.
      thanks. stacey

  6. Stacey Clark says

    Psalm 27

    11 Teach me your way, LORD;
    lead me in a straight path
    because of my oppressors.
    12 Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes,
    for false witnesses rise up against me,
    spouting malicious accusations.

    13 I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the LORD
    in the land of the living.
    14 Wait for the LORD;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the LORD.

    • Stacey Clark says

      Court hearing information same at this writing…
      Friday Feb 24th , 9 am
      Cameron, Texas (Milam County)

      second floor courtroom
      adults/ well behaved older children who can sit LONG periods on hard benches
      and Teens welcome…especially encourage Men as it makes strong statement for Family! Please dress appropriately and respectfully. Do not have timeframe , but last hearing lasted all day with short recesses and lunchhour.
      Thanks to all of you who have made solid commitments!!

  7. LaDawn Wilson says

    “required her to withdraw from the local support group because he thought they were “too religious” and also required them to withdraw from numerous other social activities.”
    I do not know this man, but this behavior speaks of isolation on his part and maybe narcissism. I am bewildered by the growing trend of fathers “checking out” of righteous responsible behavior toward their wives and children. This is yet another indication of how our culture is imitating the fall of Rome.
    Please pray for this man. He has bought into the “anything I want, goes” mentality. So sad.

  8. Stacey Clark says

    Yesterday was the third hearing to decide the custody of three little children in Cameron, Texas. Joint custody is being sought by the childrens father and his parents .The testimonies AGAINST homeschooling were still a hot topic along with all the usual attacks that accompany those objections. At one point a witness called the children ‘naive’ for their age…and I heard a silent gasp by every mom in the room was thanking the Lord that their children are naive..in the way they were implying !
    There were close to 40 supporters from all over central Texas that in my opinion were an amazing army of homeschool representatives armed in prayer and passion to protect their rights . It was especially gratifying to see such a show of teens…you know those unsocialized , isolated ones !
    We were ‘affectionately’ referred to as the ‘mob’ by the judge ! Homeschooling was only one avenue introduced to unravel this mom’s credibility and there was a general consensus following the hearing that every accusation brought against her could be applied to most of us!
    Court was recessed and a decision will be handed down in the next few days.

    I have posted this comment on the facebook sites of both THSC and THSC PAC with a few photos.

  9. Stacey Clark says

    tried to send this out to as many as I could email..but here is a personal note from the Mom , Heather.

    Stacey, Thank you so much to you all. Thank you to everyone. We are so blessed and grateful that so many could come and support, all the prayers. I know God is in control. I so wanted to visit and thank each person who came, but had to go in the conference room afterwards. Please pass this along as I don’t feel I can say or do enought to thank everyone. I know so many traveled hours to attend. Blessings, Heather


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