Cheap Talk Not Enough!

Twenty-five years ago, when THSC PAC began to get involved in political campaigns, we faced a skeptical public, who were not informed about home schooling, and many elected officials, who took the position of the teacher’s unions, which was that parents were not qualified to teach their own children. We were delighted when a candidate or official told us they were “for home schooling.”

Today, of course, there are few officials or candidates in Texas who would say that they don’t believe parents should have the right to homeschool. However, we now must deal with elected officials who say they are for home schooling but by their actions they deny that claim. THSC PAC’s view is that it is not acceptable to say you are for home schooling but oppose the major legislative or policy positions of the home school community.

For example, to say one is for home schooling and yet oppose the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act, which seeks to close loopholes in the Texas Family Code that allow fit parents to lose their children due to what amounts to lawsuit abuse, is not only inconsistent but equals opposition to home schooling!

In the 2011 Texas legislative session we came very close to passing a law that would have allowed traditional private schools–including home schools–to compete in the UIL extracurricular activities of public schools. The bill that we supported to make that happen passed the Texas Senate three times but died in the House due to the actions of the chairman of the House Public Education Committee. Rep. Rob Eissler told us directly, “I’ve always supported home schoolers,” and yet, he made sure that one of the top priorities of the home school community did not pass.

THSC PAC, therefore, has decided to enthusiastically support his opponent in the Republican primary for House District 15. Steve Toth is a home school dad and a fiscal and pro-life conservative. We are convinced that he will not merely give lip service to home schooling but will stand with parents and taxpayers, rather than teacher’s unions and public school officials. We urge the home school community to send a strong message that simply saying you are “for home schooling” or “have always supported home schoolers” is no longer enough!

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