CPS Illegally Takes Children

In what can only be described as a vendetta, Houston CPS workers illegally took two small grandchildren from a loving, Christian, single grandmother to cover their own failure to investigate a complaint three months earlier regarding the children’s exposure to drug use. THSC has responded by suing CPS in a federal civil rights case.

Mrs. Theresa Allen contacted CPS in 2009 when her single daughter, who had struggled with drug addiction and had asked for help with her children, refused to remove them from a drug situation. Later that day the mother of the young children asked Mrs. Allen to take possession of her children and to care for them.

Three months later a CPS caseworker called Mrs. Allen to say that she was in danger of losing her own job because of her failure to investigate the situation and that she needed to come take the children. Mrs. Allen tried to explain that the children were safe and not in danger. She called the caseworker’s supervisor and the regional director to try to prevent the taking of the children, all to no avail.

With the assistance of the police, CPS illegally took the children without a court order and told Mrs. Allen that she had “made a bad move” by contacting supervisors and that they would show her what happened to such people. Her grandchildren spent the next eleven months in foster care, and CPS officials lied to the court about the grandmother and told her that her grandchildren would be adopted out to a non-family member.

It was only by the grace of God and the sheer persistence of this dedicated and godly grandmother that the truth came out and that the judge forced CPS to return her grandchildren. While this case does not have direct connection to home schooling, THSC has decided to take up the case because of the ongoing problem that parents and home schoolers in Texas have with harassment by CPS caseworkers. Houston attorney Chris Branson, THSC special counsel for CPS and parental rights issues, is heading up the THSC Legal Team in this effort.

Mr. Branson represented a family in the landmark Gates case in which the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it is illegal for CPS to remove a child from a home without a court order. CPS must be held accountable, and THSC will make every effort to ensure that happens in this case. Please pray for our attorneys, Mrs. Allen, and her grandchildren as this case goes forward. If you would like to help, you can make a contribution to the THSC Parental Rights Litigation Fund here.