Hometown “Justice”

I’ve been writing since February about a custody case in Cameron in which the father and paternal grandparents are seeking to take three children from their fit mother. I was asked to testify as an expert witness on home schooling, because that seemed to be the major argument that the father and his parents presented to the court as to why the children should be removed from the mother. Home schooling in general was attacked as a non-viable educational alternative, and, of course, the socialization aspect was also challenged. The father was in favor of home schooling while he and his wife were married, although he forced his wife and children to stop attending a co-op because the people were “too religious.” He and the grandparents now argue that the mother isolated her children, and other witnesses said the children were “too naïve for their age.”

After being notified about this attack against home schooling in general, and this mom in particular, 40 home schoolers came to observe the last day of the hearing for temporary orders. They were appalled, as they recognized that virtually any of them could be victims of the same accusations. 

The judge in this case has only recently been appointed by Governor Perry, and the grandparents’ attorney is from the same law firm that the judge worked for before becoming a judge. In fact, the father told his wife, “We own the courthouse,” as he threatened her that he would “take the children from her.” As if to confirm the father’s threat, while the judge made no comment regarding friends of the grandparents and father at the first hearing, he referred to the home school supporters of the mother at the third hearing as a “mob.”

In his closing arguments the grandparents’ attorney raised the charge that the mother, if given custody, would remove her children from the public school and homeschool them again. He also alleged that this mother has sought to “alienate” the children from their grandparents, and he told the court that the children should be placed in the custody of their father with the paternal grandparents serving as “custodians” in the father’s absence. This is significant, since the father travels on the average of two to three weeks out of each month!

While no evidence was presented that would challenge the fitness of this mother or that she had been in anyway abusive or neglectful, the father and his parents were asking for the children to be removed from her almost solely on the basis of the fact that she homeschooled the children and might do so again.

On March 1, 2012, the judge of the 20th District Court in Cameron issued his ruling for temporary orders that seemed to confirm the father’s assertion that his family “owned” the courthouse. In the judge’s order he denied the request by the grandparents to intervene in the case because the circumstances of the case do not meet the qualifications required by the Texas Family Code for them to do so. However, the judge then proceeded to issue an order to remove the children from this fit mother based on the assertion that the father was “more stable,” but he went further to require that the grandparents have possession of the children when the father is away on business unless it is the mother’s time for visitation.

So while the judge acknowledges that the grandparents have no standing to intervene in the case or become managing conservators, his ruling will give them de facto control of the children when the father travels extensively. That is indeed a very fine distinction! This ruling amounts to giving the grandparents control of the children two to three weeks of each month. Far from stability, it is the opposite, done on the basis of a flimsy excuse to find for the grandparents. (I am reminded of J. Vernon McGee’s definition of an excuse: The skin of a reason stuffed with a lie.) Would this judge really have concluded that the father who travels this much is truly more stable than the mother, were the grandparents not involved? The judge goes on to say that he normally doesn’t think it’s good to move children in the middle of a school year, but in this case he thinks it’s OK; they will be transferred to the father on March 16.

I thought of this judge and others like him this week when I read Leviticus 19:15: “Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor.” I have also decided to create a new page on the THSC PAC website, to be titled: “The Texas Judicial Hall of Shame.” This judge will be one of the first inductees!

Please pray for this mother and her children, who have been accustomed to their father being gone for weeks at a time but have never been separated from their mother until now. Pray also for wisdom for the attorneys representing this mother, as they seek to find a legal means to allow this godly, fit mother to keep her children. Pray for us as we continue to monitor developments in the case and look for ways to help.


  1. says

    Thank you, Tim, for exposing this shameful decision and defending parents’ rights to educate their children the way they see fit.

    I will stay on top of this case and let you know of any changes.


    • Karen says

      Dear Tim,

      There are no words to express how our family deeply appreciates your support. As the “Auntie” to these beautiful children, I’ve had the opportunity to personally witness their growth and development in the care of my sister.

      With their father traveling 90% of the time most of their life, she has been the primary care giver. The children are extremely bright, compassionate and social- which is apparent in their vocabulary, kindness and curiosity. Their little hearts are so big and open.

      I remember this husband telling me a few months ago during a phone that I would need to be there for my sister…that when he was done she would be devastated and that he could no longer take responsibility for her.

      There are many things about this husband and his parents that were not revealed during the testimony. The point of these hearings was not to damage or hurt this family who his vehemently trying to take these children from their mother. Unfortunately, they have chosen not practice the same grace or dignity.
      I’m not sure how this family who presents themselves…as Christians can sit in a state of mind where all things morale are absent.
      Our family has been attacked for what possibilities could be occur, yet if past behavior is the greatest predictor of future behavior, all one needs to do is examine the past. My sister’s parents-my parents- have been supportive, kind and loving. Past evidence shows no one in our family has ever put these children in danger. In fact, to the opposing family’s complaint, perhaps the environment has been too safe. Yet, the Judge in this case, rules to up route children who are attending a highly rated public school in the middle of the year. Are these children who are obviously well adjusted and excelling in need of “protection”?
      It is apparent the Judge lacks judicial temperament as he struggles to apply the law to the facts and consider the outcome to all human beings in this case. His temporary order has created further division within the family unit rather than unity. Legal courage is a non-negotiable quality for any Judge yet this Judge has allowed opinion versus fact to dictate his ruling.
      To every Event, there is a Response that creates an Outcome. It is the greatest compassion that I hold the family, judge and their attorneys in true presence. It appears that there is an absence of education, global awareness, and evolutionary thought within the opposing legal team.

      In 2012, one would expect a certain legal acumen and respect for court to be exercised. Perhaps the husband’s statement that his family owned the courthouse provides insight into the thought process of the attorney’s. Perhaps assuming you will win based upon a pre-existing bias places one in a less than appropriate mindset. Unfortunately, the Judge’s decision has launched circumstances that will inevitably reveal the truth about this husband and his family. All we can do is come together for the highest good, with compassion in our hearts and pray these children will not be further hurt by this unlawful situation.

      • RobinDallasTX says

        Auntie – I hope you are tape recording ALL conversations with these people – if you had that conversation on tape – that would be incredible with the right judge.

        It’s evidence for the children’s welfare. A judge cannot do the right thing when you hide evidence that needs to be considered.

        In fact, it is difficult for you to complain about a judge when you didn’t give him all the evidence.

        Without it – you can’t really complain.

        You cannot protect your kids with grace & dignity. You must, if you love those kids, bring out these threats – what was your lawyer thinking not bringing any of this out in the hearing?

        You must fight with your life & all their words & actions out in the courtroom.

        I cannot fathom a lawyer advising you to keep this important evidence from the court.

        I am tweeting it out all over twitter for you to help. Hopefully in the future you & your family will do the right thing & bring forth ALL evidence to protect the children.

        Anyone – you can copy & paste this in your twitter:

        Corrupt TX Judge doesn’t recuse himself. His “Justice” http://shar.es/p58GT Let @GovernorPerry know he made a mistake http://milamcounty.net/djudge.html

        Custody can be such a nightmare, especially when you’re dealing with psychotic grandparents who push or enable their children to act against their grand children’s best interest.

        Take care

        • RobinDallasTX says

          Side note:

          There’s no way to win with this judge – she has to win on appeal – which means that she & her lawyer need to do everything that is required to win the appeal.

          Thus far – they have not & the appeal court would decline the case.

          Get back in court & reveal the whole truth & tape meetings & phone calls for additional evidence.

          This mother will not be able to appeal her case if she does not present ALL the evidence including the threats in court for the judge to consider.

          You may need a new lawyer – as this one seems scared & I understand the politics of small county courts & the good ‘ol boy system – been there myself.

          I refused to do certain things my lawyer said I had to do because God/Holy Spirit was telling me something else.

          I was in an impossible case & I WON!! NoBODY thought there was a chance I could win.

          When my lawyer would threaten to drop me I’d ask him if he thought he was smarter than God – because EVERYthing we did that I felt was directed by God worked .

          Reflecting back on the miracles in my 2 year case – my lawyer refused to chance it with God & would just keep doing what I was led to do & we WON the impossible case.

          I had to fight my lawyer & the other side both – but I did my research & I knew custody law was well as most lawyers.

          I also knew that I had to dot all my i’s & cross all the t’s to even get the chance to appeal a bad decision if it came to that.

          You also have to study the law & research the custody forums online to even have the knowledge you need to understand when God gives you a direction – you hear it & know what it means & you know what to do.

          It was a full time job for me – researching my brains out online & working a full time job during the day & being a mom in between.

          Best wishes – my heart & prayers are with your family & the kids.

    • Tami Tovar says

      Unfortunately, this is far more common practice than anyone expects until they are the less financially blessed one at the time of a civil dispute relating to children. Several judges were seen by many lawyers publicly conferring in the hallways with opposing party, and even reported to me that an exchange took place. Lawyers have a sworn duty to report the judges, it doesn’t happen. Judges have a sworn duty to recuse themselves, that also doesn’t happen. I only received my children back after much more harm than good was done to them. I subscribe to many issues due to that experience and am happy to find a conscientious effort being done on judicial review by this group: Visit NFOJA at: http://50states.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network , Hope this helps some.

      • Marsha Black says

        There is more hope then. Tim I will say the sole reason I have not joined the coalition is because you endorsed Rick Perry in the last governor’s race. You do so much good and I want to become an official “dues paying” member. I just cannot stomach underlying coercion to certain candidates in political races. I know your premise is that you are looking out for the benefit of homeschoolers, but why then are not all political hopefuls who would support homeschoolers being endorsed or at least acknowledged for their homeschooling stance? Obvious example, homeschooling mom, Debra Medina. The mother in Camerson would still have her children because this judge would not have been put where he is today.
        Please Tim, help me understand.

        • says

          Marsha, I disagree with your premise that Governor Perry is responsible for this judge’s ruling. We’ve all voted for candidates who then disappoint us once in office and I’m sure that Judge Youngblood said the right things to get Governor Perry’s appointment. However, the judge IS up for election this year and if these things continue we will be very involved in that election. Not sure what you mean in regard to “underlying coercion to certain candidate in political races.” The reality is that today you’d be hard pressed to find a candidate in Texas that does not “support home schooling.” THSC PAC’s view is that its no longer enough to simply say you support home schooling to get our endorsement. I’m not going to review the governor’s race and our reasons for supporting Governor Perry as we thoroughly explained that on this blog. Reasonable people can and do disagree on the support of candidates but I agree with almost everyone who points out that what is happening to this fit, godly mother is not reasonable.

          • Marsha Black says

            I very much appreciate your quick response, it is clear you are passionate and loyal. I am so grateful that you are fighting the good fight. Clearly I am not a Perry fan. His appointment of this particular judge just seems to be another reason for him not to be my favorite person. I hope that your loyalty to Rick Perry will be reason enough for him to step in and do the right thing for this mother and her family.

          • says

            The independence of the judiciary would prevent the Governor from inserting himself here, but it won’t prevent us from helping this mom and going after this judge in the election.

          • RobinDallasTX says


            Gov. Perry has gotten much better over the years. In the begining I couldn’t stand him, but now I like him much better.

            One thing people got mad at him about was the vaccine for young girls for the cervical cancer.

            At the time he said he mandated it so that insurances would pay for it – if he had not done that – they didn’t have to.

            At the time – we didn’t know it was so dangerous & as he said then & now – we could object & not vaccinate our girls.

            So truthfully – he did the best for everyone.

            There are so many people that are vaccine happy because the doctors act like you’re the devil if you don’t want to vaccinate your baby.

            The doctors really pressure people to vaccinate.

            Perry had no idea what this judge would do, or not do. They have to trust & verify.

            That’s why it’s important to let Perry know – that this guy is a jerk.

            I did publicly.

            Don’t let politicians keep you from joining this coalition. What they do is so hugely important & it’s not expensive.

            Tim may know things that you don’t, that would put you in agreement.

            Please reconsider joining.

          • Marsha Black says

            Thank you Robin, I appreciate your response. Merck and the numbers of $380,000 and $5,000 are also possible reasons Perry mandated HPV. I get he was trying to get around the insurance agencies, but have you every tried to vaccinate your kids as a “cash patient” rather than an “insured patient”? The cost drops dramatically.
            I do want to support the coalition, I would just rather it’s political platform broaden a bit. I haven’t read an article shedding positive light on my pick for the presidential nomination and I was let down when I saw the voter’s card in the last governor’s election. A homeschooling mom was running for governor of Texas. She would have equally if not more fervently defended homeschooling in Texas than the chosen.
            Yesterday after our schoolwork my girls and I had the best afternoon. It did strike me that regardless of political convictions, I would like to be some kind of financial support for the mother spending the afternoon without her children. Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

          • says

            Texas home schoolers have the luxury of not supporting THSC and continuing to benefit from the work we have done over the last 25 years that has made Texas one of the best places in the country to home school. Home schoolers are not a monolithic group that all support the same candidates nor will we become so in the future. It is inevitable that many home schoolers will not agree with THSC PAC’s endorsements, but it is detrimental to our ability to fight such injustices against home schooling as this case when support of THSC is withheld. I can, however, certainly understand home schoolers who disagree with THSC PAC’s endorsements withholding support of THSC PAC which works to elect candidates endorsed by the PAC. Since some want to continue to fight the last gubernatorial primary again, you can see THSC PAC’s reasons for endorsing Governor Perry here.

          • Marsha says

            Thank you for this clarification. I want to support what you’re doing in these court cases and for families across Texas. When listening to you and your wife speak at the last convention I realized home schooling would not be where it is without you. I can attempt to stomach the political articles while still wholeheartedly respecting your work in the lives of so many home schoolers. I’ve wanted to ask previously and just kept putting it off. I do not want to be one that benefits and doesn’t support. I want to support. And I appreciate your “re-hashing” the last gubernatorial primary again, it can’t be a fun part of your job.

  2. Katherine says

    Outrageous. There was a conflict of interest from the beginning with the judge and attorney coming from the same office. The mother’s attorneys should have fought for another judge!

    • ysidra pike says

      I agree. This judge should of never ruled on this. It is shady and wrong. I feel so terribly bad for this mother. I hope she know that there are people out there thinking about and praying for her.

    • RobinDallasTX says

      Very much should have fought for another judge – that’s crazy. But small county lawyers feel pressure to just get along.

      They are in business & they view you the client as a temporary revenue stream & you’re in & out of their life.

      They have to work with the judge & other lawyers for as long as they want to stay in business – so the client suffers.

      You’re really better off paying extra & getting a lawyer from outside the county – you get better representation.

      With these small counties & even bigger ones – if a judge is in bed with a lawyer – NOTHING you do is going to get you a fair shake – so you have to do everything right in the lower court so you have the opportunity to appeal.

      If a judge knows they may be challenged in the appellate court – they’ll often times shape up.

      What I find frightening – is this mother’s lawyer want to run for this judge’s seat. Ummmmmm – he doesn’t seem so qualified either if he didn’t bring out the threats & etc. into this hearing.

      Best wishes to everyone who faces this judge.

      • says

        The primary attorney for the mother actually is from New Braufels the local counsel representing the mother is running against the judge for election in November.

  3. Kellie Gonzales says

    Thank you Tim for all that you do for us. This ruling is such a shock and an eye opener. My prayers for the family.

  4. Lois says

    What is the judge’s name? And does our governor have anything to say about his appointee? I thought Rick Perry was friendly to homeschoolers. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this took place in the 9th circuit court! Also, will there be an appeal?

  5. Tami Tovar says

    I myself faced this type of ‘court’ with my kids and my interest now lies with an internal affairs established for Texas (and all other states) courts. When judges break the law, they are not reviewed, nor disciplined. Their is also no recourse. In WA state the law states that a more wealthy litigant has to pay the less wealthy litigant’s legal fees, so in essence taking some of the financial edge off of bribery. It doesn’t end it, though. My condolences. The kids will be put in a very difficult position. I pray they go deep and strong in God.

  6. Dana says

    Not knowing all the facts in this case, but reasoning that the only reason this mother’s children were removed from her were for PAST homeschooling practices, I am stunned. I hope the attorneys for the mother plan to appeal and to appeal to a higher court. Is that possible? Clearly this is a case of complete injustice for this mother. There is nothing to indicate that she is unfit, right? This is shocking that this can take place in America.

    Remind me, the father is away from the children for 2-3 weeks per month and somehow his is the more stable home? They have NEVER been separated from their mother and somehow this is better for the children?

    The statement (in another article on this case) that the children have a “right” to go to public school, something they are being denied, is just ludicrous. They have a “right” to be educated. Period. They are required by compulsory attendance laws, to attend “school.” But NO WHERE in the law, esp in TX, is there a statute that says children MUST attend PUBLIC school. If that were true, what of all those parents who are “depriving” their children of a “public school” education (and thus, breaking the law) by sending their children to private school? Catholic School? Religious, ta boot! And, btw, in TX, homeschooling according to the Leeper case IS a private school! Hello?

    Have we not progressed any further than this?

    The comment that the children are “naive” is completely ludicrous. Since when is it the court or society’s job to determine whether a child is naive or not, or worldly enough or not. What does that “scale” look like? I’d like to know! If so, then what about the ridiculously worldly children out there, many of whom end up in prison? Are they the standard these children are to uphold themselves to? I think Alice has gone down the hole once too many times in this case.

    Further, to rule against this mother because of something she did in the past, which the husband CANNOT deny he was in agreement with at the time, is an amazing travesty of justice. So, either she is being punished for something she did in the past, which was completely legal … or … what they are saying is that the mother cannot have custody of the children because she MIGHT do something in the future – like homeschool them? Is that what I’m reading? Well, what if that was how we practiced law, ruling against people because of what we think they “might” do vs what they “actually” have done?

    And, referring to a group of citizens in the courtroom observing the PUBLIC proceedings as a MOB, flies in the face of everything we believe about the rule of law and access to a free and fair and open trial in America. Courtrooms have seating for a reason. Citizens are welcome. Is it not those same citizens who PAY the judge’s salary? Was this group unruly? Knowing as many homeschoolers as I do, doubtful. So, if the courtroom was filled with public school parents and children, would THAT have been a mob? Surely, anyone reading this comment can see that the judge shows complete and utter bias and thus should recuse himself from the case for his bias. Or, someone else should make a motion to some higher court to that effect.

    And, if the mother wishes to homeschool (it is not clear if she will or will not in the future) for religious reasons, where is the law that prevents that wish from being persecuted? Is it not her right as a parent to direct the education of her children? If the court needs to decide which parent determines what is and is not appropriate regarding the education of the children – if they are at odds on this matter – then that matter should have to do w/ education and NOT custody! Since when does your religion make you an unfit parent in America?

    What is the precedent for removing children from the home simply because the schooling choice includes religion? Are there parents (or grandparents), for example, of Catholic Children whose spouses have successfully removed children from the home of the other spouse and thus, local Catholic Private School based, on the education of the child including religion?

    Where is the laundry list that suggests this mother is unfit? Where is the statute that states “stability” and a “stable environment” includes an absentee father for nearly 75% of the TIME, when a perfectly fit, and PRESENT mother is available? Since when do the grandparents supersede the mother in terms of time spent w/ the children? This is de facto custody for the grandparents. HOW in heaven’s name can a MOTHER lose to THAT?

    What is the testimony of the children? Do THEY want to live with their father who is gone 2-3 weeks per month or the mother, from whom they’ve never been separated? And, how do the children feel about their education: public school vs home school? Do they have a say? Is it ok to punish THEM (they are the ultimate losers here) for their educational situation by ripping apart the family instead of dealing with what seems to be the issue – the education of teh children? Or, is it just easier for the court to USE the contention over education vs ADDRESS it? Is that the status we give the Public Schools and Government Upbringing in this nation now? Are the Public Schools the Holy Grail of learning and fostering growth in children now? Seriously? Over a FIT MOTHER?

    This is “Nanny State” run amok. And, in a CONSERVATIVE state?

    Please let us know if the attorney for the mother is planning on appealing her case and if we can contribute to her attorney fees. I suggest she set up a page for that, in fact. How can we help?

    And, if we can support her attorney in the upcoming elections (if, as you say, he/she is running in opposition to this judge in the general), I’d like to hear more about that, as well. (I’m in the Austin, TX, area, not far from where this case is being adjudicated.)

    Lastly, how we might get the word out about this injustice? I have already posted to my Facebook. I think this needs to be shared with more than just the homeschooling community. I think decent people will see this for what it is and be stunned and appalled at the outcome for these children and this mother. Is the local media covering the story?

    Homeschooling is a viable option for children and has been ruled completely legal in the state of Texas – as it is in most, if not all of the United States of America. There is no reason for this ruling to be able to stand in the United States of America. No reason whatsoever. This mother’s rights and thus, the rights of her children are being completely trampled upon. Shame to that “judge” in Texas who is obviously unfit for his duties.

    Yes, I feel passionate… Sorry for the continual ranting. But, my logical brain is just stunned. Thank you for illuminating this case, Mr. Lambert. Will continue to pray… Meanwhile, let us know how we can also “keep our feet busy” in this matter, as well.

    • says

      The issue before the judge in this case is “what is in the best interest of the children.” Therefore, it is not whether or not home schooling is legal or that parents have a right to home school for religious reasons. The grandparents and father have made an argument that its not in the best interest of the children to be with their mother on the basis that she is overprotective as demonstrated by the fact that she home schooled the children and would likely do so again.

  7. Trisia says

    I am appalled. Our duty to overcome this injustice is to VOTE, not just say it…but DO IT!
    If he or anyone from his “old law firm” appear on the ballot for “judge” they need to be denied!

  8. Christopher Richtberg says

    How is it that this judge can serve on this case having been a part of the law firm being employed by the father?

  9. Brandy Anderson says

    Do you guys ever combine efforts with HSLDA? I think the mother should ask HSLDA to help and fight this at a higher level.

  10. Kelly Whatley says

    All I can say is “Shame on this husband, his parents, and John Youngblood for taking these kids from their mother!” She has most likely dedicated the years of her kids lives to her family, and yet now she is being ridiculed and disciplined for her sacrifice. Shame on them!

  11. Estela says

    I too am appalled at this travesty of justice. And for my concerned fellow homeschoolers to have been referred to as a mob! Really!!! It is by God’s grace that my spirit is not overtaken by my flesh. I commend “Auntie” for the peace that I read between the lines in what she posted and all I can say is that God is in control and is very much aware of what is going on and He already sees the outcome. It is for us to trust in Him. As I once told one of my children that sometimes we go through a very painful situation in order for someone else to learn a lesson or be disciplined by the Lord especially if they are a believer. I pray that the day will come when Judge Youngblood will apologize to the mom but most of all, I pray that the Lord will make the way for her to get her children back. Thank you Mr. Lambert for all that you do for the homeschooling community and I pray for the Lord’s strength, stamina and fortitude for you, your family and staff as you continue on the path of righteousness.

    Am looking forward to the “Wall of Shame”

  12. Latasha Allen Pannell says

    The similarities in this case and mine are scary! I was with my husband 11 years and I raised his daughter (now 14) and our 3 children by myself. He works on the road more than half the month and wasn’t a present parent when he was home. When he forced my children and I to leave our home, he severed all contact between my step-daughter and I. We had to move in with my parents, as I have always been a stay at home parent and had no finances separate from my husband. In my parents home my 3 children have grown and thrived with the love stability of 3 “parents”. I have never been separated from my children and was rarely away from my step daughter. She now lives with my husband’s mother while he is away from home. This grandmother only saw the children a few times a year before our separation and is actually divorcing her husband now that she is living in our home.
    My husband has never cared for my children and originally asked for split custody, having the children the half the month he doesn’t work. Our custody agreement is now that he has the children the 2 weekends a month he doesn’t work.
    He is trying to force me to put my children in public school, even though they have always been home schooled. He’s biggest issue is he doesn’t want to pay his portion of their curriculum. “Public school is free.” My children have flourished with the curriculum we are now using and it is fully accredited. Also, my father has a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate and oversees the children’s progress as well.

  13. Davis says

    Divorce also happened to me…..xhusband (by the way of court) forced me to “get a real job” (judges words) and put my children in public school. My attorney did NOTHING to help me, I could find no one to support my side. All judgements were made for the convience of the father “since he worked full time” (words of the judge). I will pray for this family….it’s the only thing that got me through it!

  14. Steve Spencer says

    “… [T]he grandparents’ attorney is from the same law firm that the judge worked for before becoming a judge. In fact, the father told his wife, ‘We own the courthouse’” … While this may not be a basis for disqualifying the grandparents’ lawyers, it is a valid basis to seek the Judge’s recusal. Small community or not, it is clearly defined in the rules governing recusal that this scenario presents a conflict. Sounds like this guy is going to try to operate for an extended period of time on temporary orders so he can block the Mother from an appeal – forcing her instead to pursue Mandamus relief; which is reviewed only for abuse of discretion (a very difficult standard to establish). Sure seems like judges in Texas are getting instruction on coordinated strategies for handling these cases. Wonder if the Family Law Bar is providing CLE sessions on how to stall a case indefinitely?!?

    • Mark and Jocelyn says

      Theb est thing we can do is PRAY–for the salvation of all in this case, and that Almighty GOD will intervene here so that the children can stay w/ Mom. Prayer IS where the work is done.


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