Judge Backtracks…A Little

Yesterday in the Cameron courthouse, the fit mom who lost her children in a temporary order by a judge in a custody case was back in court after an earlier hearing last week in which she asked the court to give her “right of first refusal” so that when her husband travels 50 to 75 percent of the time, she, instead of the grandparents, might have her children. The grandparents have had the children as a result of Judge Youngblood’s original ruling requiring they be granted that right when the husband was out of town. Yesterday the judge ruled that the mom can have the children when the husband is out of town for more than two days.

Attorneys for the mom also asked the judge to allow her to have “expanded visitation” so that she could have the children longer than two days on the second and fourth weekends of every month. The judge also granted that. Finally, attorneys for the mom requested temporary spousal support, since the judge had ruled that the father would live in the couple’s home, causing the mother to move back to Rockdale and rent a small apartment in an effort to be close to her children and possibly have more time with them.

Attorneys for the father argued that the mother should have no support because she was not seeking employment and that she should become employed and be required to pay child support to the father. They even made allegations that they were not sure the mom had actually moved back to Rockdale.

Legal counsel for the mom clarified that she was indeed seeking employment and had interviews set up, but her job opportunities were more limited than when she lived in New Braunfels. They also pointed out that the paternal grandparents were aware that she had moved back, because they had been to her new home. The judge ruled that the father should pay the mother $350 per month for the next two months until the upcoming trial date.

While THSC does not provide general family law litigation services, we have determined to help this mother with her case because of the attempt by the grandparents to gain custody of these children from their fit mother and because of the judge’s unjust ruling to take the children from the mother and essentially place them with the grandparents. The jury trial set for this case on May 21 is the next step towards the mother regaining her children.

This case is very reminiscent of the Fort Worth case that we became heavily involved in two years ago, in which a jury reversed a judge’s order and returned a fit father’s daughter to him after three years with her maternal grandparents on “temporary” orders. Over the course of the Fort Worth case, THSC, with the gracious help of home schoolers across Texas, paid more than $260,000 in legal fees to defend the parental rights of that father and brought public attention to this judge’s pattern of abusing the parental rights of single parents in his court. We could not have done that without the help of the home school community, and we now need your support to enable us to help this fit, gracious, godly mother regain her children as well.

How can you help? First, pray for this mother and for her children. Pray also for wisdom for the attorneys representing her. You can also help by making a much-needed, tax-deductible contribution to THSC Parental Rights Litigation Fund, to be used in support of this case and others like it. You can also make a non-tax-deductible contribution to the THSC PAC that will support both the ability to work to elect candidates who support home schooling and parental rights and the also ability to be involved in judicial races as well. Finally, another way to support the work of THSC is by becoming a member and partnering with us in these battles. We plan to continue to monitor this case and will give updates as information becomes available.


  1. says

    You might like to add information about good and bad judges to Judgepedia as a contributor. It might serve as a good public access to the history about our judges helping to hold them accountable knowing what they do in court can and most possibly will be exposed. It also works as an encourager to those judges who have kept themselves from corruption. http://judgepedia.org/index.php/John_Youngblood

  2. Birdie Porter says

    This mother worked and went to school to become a nurse. She married gave up her career, and had children and because she loved the children she home schooled them. Now, after 10 years of not working outside the home, she has been treated like a criminal, and she has to make a home by herself in a small towwn so she can see her children. She hasn’t worked for ten years and it is hard to get a job in a small town that had turned their backs on her because of the husband and his family and the Judge in this case. God Bless her for not giving up. We need more mothers like this one.
    This father should be proud of her for what she did to bring their children up and to teach them .Not to be trying to take them from her.
    Thank all of you who support her and for your prayers.. I am the aunt of this mother and I want to tell you these children are some the most well behaved, most loving and smart children I have ever seen. All because of their mother and the way she has raised them.
    Birdie Porter

    • Sue says


      God Bless you and your niece. I will be praying for you and and your family. “Be strong and courageous, do not tremble or be dismayed for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 I believe We need to applaud Moms who sacrifice for their kids like this Mom has done. Proud of her.

  3. says

    I missed this one – got there at 9am and couldn’t sit around all day, so we left. I pray Heather gets her kids back in May. I’m on this one like white on rice – it won’t fall off of my radar. I’m here to do what I can to raise awareness. May the Lord bring justice to this case, this family, this courtroom. Thanks so much, Tim and THSC for all that you are doing.

  4. Name withheld says

    Still praying for this mama and sweet children. It is such a mystery to me how/why people can hate so much that they are ok with putting children in the “middle”…. And how the court system can be so blinded, as well.

  5. Katherine says

    Where is the post between March 27 and February 23, about the judge’s actual ruling? I commented on that post.

    I am actually amazed that the judge backpedaled. Citizens must be speaking up to right people! And, the power of prayer…amazing.

    • Webmaster says

      If you click on the “Blog” link in the tan navigation bar you will be able to see all the posts from Tim, including the ones about this case going on now in Cameron.

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