Parental Rights Case Back in Court

Last year the Texas home school community and THSC rallied to the support of a single, fit father in Tarrant County who had lost his daughter to her grandparents by the action of Judge C. Randy Catterton of Tarrant County. The “temporary” order that he issued had resulted in the grandparents having possession and control of his daughter for three years in spite of the fact that no evidence was presented that the father was unfit in any way.

Because Judge Catterton had exposed his bias against parents in these grandparent cases, the only chance the father had to regain his daughter was a jury trial by his peers, with the added cost of such a trial. The citizens of Tarrant County who heard ten days of testimony rendered their decision that this fit father should have custody of his daughter, and the two were reunited.

On Thursday this father and his attorney will be back in front of Judge Catterton to give arguments in what should be the final hearing in this case. The hearing, originally scheduled for last fall, was postponed until this week. The issue before the judge will be whether or not he will require the grandparents to pay the legal fees of the father, which the Texas Family Code allows the judge to do. In addition, the attorneys for the grandparents may try to get the judge to reverse the decision of the jury from last August.

Please pray for this father and his attorneys, as well as the judge, that justice will be done. If you would like to help THSC to support parental rights in these kinds of cases, you can make a contribution to the THSC Parental Rights Litigation Fund or become a THSC member.


  1. Mom says

    It’s very unfortunate that our courts are supposed to rule in the best interest of the child. Do the judges believe that the back and forth upheaval of the child’s life gives them the sense of security that is one of the basic needs of a child? God works all things for good to those who love him.

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