Lawsuit Abuse Against Single Parents

A couple of weeks ago, I did an interview with a Lubbock TV station on the issue of lawsuit abuse of single parents through loopholes in the grandparent access statute. People are always shocked when we tell the stories of fit parents who have their children taken from them simply because they are divorced or widowed and the grandparents sue them under the grandparent access statute merely because they strongly disagree with their parenting decisions…not because these single parents are neglectful or abusive.

A Texas Tech law school professor stated, “The way the law is written now, the grandparents are not going to be able to get possession and access without extreme circumstances.” This professor is certainly unaware of the numerous cases in which non-parents, with a vendetta and more money than the parents, find a judge that will give them the children absent “extreme circumstances.” I have written about some of those cases, and there are A LOT of them.

The reality is the legislature intended that these grandparents meet a high standard to be able to take children from fit parents and that is not happening because of an abuse of these laws and the people that are suffering are single parents (usually moms) and the children. So we will return to the legislature next session and work to pass legislation that will end this lawsuit abuse of single parents and bring true balance to the law and restore and protect the parental rights of all fit parents, including single parents.

Our success in changing the law will depend on our ability to educate legislators in the upcoming election and our efforts in getting them to commit to support these needed changes. We will be talking in the days and weeks ahead about how you can help us make that happen.


  1. Jim Loose says

    One of the reasons people are shocked initially when these stories come out is that they think that America is a good nation and that truly terrible things cannot happen here.

    They’re half right.

    America is a good nation. The ideas for government we have inherited are the best political ideas in history. Until Kingdom Come we are not likely to see anything as good anywhere else in the world. Our political ideas are a great historical achievement.

    Of course, great ideas do not turn sinners into angels. And no one was more aware of the sinful state of people and especially politicians than our Founders. If you doubt this, just read The Federalist Papers. I think The Federalist Papers ought to be subtitled: “Confessions of the Founders”. The book spells out that the Founders knew that they would be tempted by the dark side of politics just like politicians have been in every other society that has ever existed. Their answer was political ideas that tended to pit bad impulses in human nature against other bad impulses in human nature — so that the worst aspects of our nature gradually cancelled out in politics, leaving the better impulses of our souls gradually adding to the good in our society.

    It has been working that way for almost 240 years — and, on balance, in fits and starts, things have gradually improved.

    In order to make it difficult for the worst in human nature to go on a rampage in American politics (like it does pretty regularly everywhere else), our Founders made political change difficult to engineer — which means it is difficult to do good political change too. It is understandable that this might cause us despair. But despair is unacceptable because our Founders gave us great political ideas that make it possible for ordinary citizens like us to take corrective action when the worst impulses of human beings do get out of hand from time to time (as is definitely the case these days with lawsuit abuse against innocent single parents).

    Tim will be telling us how to help the THSC bring about the necessary reform on this … so that you or someone you love is not next. I beg you to trust me: I am someone who has faced off with this system for over a decade and I know what I am talking about. You do not want yourself or anyone you care about EVER to face what I have faced. Let’s get to work together to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  2. Robin Dallas says

    Tim, do you have a link to the video or will you be embedding it on this post?

    Unfortunately, I’m all too familiar with family court judges mis-conduct & psycho grandparents.

    Back in the 1990′s 2 Dallas Co. judges finally got busted for ruling for parents who gave them significant re-election campaign donations, or laundered them through their lawyer.

    One judge in AR didn’t award a mother custody in his 8 yrs on the bench.

    Both his daughter & wife committed suicide – obviously the man had something strange going on that both his wife & daughter needed to end their life & then he ruled the way he did.

    I’ve often thought those on disability, or seniors, or just citizens with some extra time could actually sit in on family court proceedings & track what’s going on.

    We never know until we’re in the system – then we find out how horrible it is.

    Thanks for shedding light on this subject!

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