CPS Officials Under Criminal Investigation

Police in Abilene, Texas are investigating the death of a child and the CPS officials who closed an investigation without visiting the home for a final visit and without approval of a supervisor. The caseworker has resigned according to the Houston Chronicle article.

However, the developing scandal is based on reports that “top CPS officials” instructed CPS employees to withhold information from police and medical officials who were investigating the child’s death. The paper says, “The search warrant affidavit details suspicions that CPS regional administrator Bit Whitaker; program director Gretchen Denny, who has since relinquished that post and been reassigned; and CPS supervisor Barbara McDaniel, who was later reprimanded by CPS; tampered with evidence involving the Klapheke investigation.” [Read more...]

Moody Saga Continues

The Moody case, in which a judge removed children from their mother in temporary orders stating that the father was “more stable,” continues to move forward at a snail’s pace. I mentioned recently that the jury trial was postponed by the judge based on what appears to be intentional efforts by the opposing counsel, in spite of the fact that the date has long been set, the children need closure, and Heather’s legal counsel are ready for trial.
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Custody and Legal Harassment

I was back in court in Ft. Worth on Wednesday as an expert witness on home schooling for the same mom who was challenged for custody of her daughter, by her ex-husband, last month on the basis of the fact that she home schooled their daughter. The judge rejected that request, and the ex-husband filed another request this month asking the court to grant him authority to make educational decisions for his daughter. [Read more...]

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Since last spring we have been assisting Heather Moody in her battle in Milam County to regain custody of her children because the arguments made by her soon-to-be ex-husband and in-laws focused almost exclusively on her choice to homeschool her children. In the hearing for temporary orders, the judge called home schoolers observing the public hearing a “mob” and later removed the children from their mother, stating that the father was “more stable” in spite of the fact that he traveled in his work two to three weeks out of each month. [Read more...]

Lawsuit Abuse Against Single Parents

A couple of weeks ago, I did an interview with a Lubbock TV station on the issue of lawsuit abuse of single parents through loopholes in the grandparent access statute. People are always shocked when we tell the stories of fit parents who have their children taken from them simply because they are divorced or widowed and the grandparents sue them under the grandparent access statute merely because they strongly disagree with their parenting decisions…not because these single parents are neglectful or abusive. [Read more...]

Home School Mom Threatened With Loss of Children

As the home school community in Texas begins a new school year and families are focused on new curricula, field trips, and other activities related to teaching their children at home, some families are concentrating on more dire issues.

Yesterday, for the second time in the last two months, I spent the day in a courthouse waiting to give testimony in a court proceeding in which an ex-husband was taking issue with the fact that his former spouse homeschooled their child. A Ft. Worth judge heard the request of this man to take the child from her mother and place her with him strictly on the basis that she was homeschooling the child and he did not believe the mother was capable to do so, in spite of her college degree or that it was in the best interest of the child. [Read more...]

Home School Case Update: Heather Moody

Last week Heather Moody was back in court asking Judge Youngblood to compel her husband to provide his schedule in a readable manner so she could be aware of when he was out of town. He has refused to comply with the judge’s order to do this since March. Because of the judge’s first order giving the father temporary custody of the children, Heather moved back to Rockdale and found a job as a nurse to be closer to her children. The judge ruled that she should be able to have the children if her husband is away for more than two days. However, since her husband will not share his work schedule, she has no way of knowing when he is out of town. Phone records indicate that at least one of her children has been with the paternal grandparents half of the month. [Read more...]

Now Is the Time to Protect Parental Rights

Today and tomorrow are the final days to vote early in the Republican Primary Runoff Election. Many of the races are very close, and the agenda for home schooling and parental rights issues in the next legislative session may hang in the balance.

It is not uncommon for someone to say to me during the legislative session that they are shocked that a legislator that represents them would be opposed to our efforts to expand the rights of home schoolers or restore the fundamental rights of fit parents. The time, of course, to discover the policy positions of legislators is while they are running for office. That is why this election is so important. [Read more...]

Home School Mom Back in Court

Heather Moody, a home school mom who lost her children in March due to Judge John Youngblood’s ruling in a custody case, will be back in court on Thursday in Cameron, Texas. The local community, and particularly the home school community, was shocked and outraged with the judge’s order since the only arguments made in the three-day hearing for temporary orders related to the fact that the mother homeschooled the children. [Read more...]