Attempt to Overturn Jury Verdict

Today will be the first of two days of scheduled hearings in the ongoing tragedy of a single father in Tarrant County who has given up everything to keep his only child. Last August a jury of his peers reversed the ruling of a judge which originally caused the removal of his daughter from him for three years under “temporary” orders.

Since that time, this father’s attorneys have been seeking a two-hour hearing to ask the judge to require the grandparents, who were responsible for the lawsuit, to pay his legal fees. The judge has, on more than one occasion, refused to honor a set hearing on the basis that the grandparents were asking for a two-day hearing to argue that the results of the jury’s verdict should be essentially overturned. [Read more...]

Ongoing Battle Against CPS

President Ronald Reagan once said that the nine scariest words in the English language are, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” That is certainly true when considering CPS caseworkers.

Back in March, THSC became involved in a civil rights lawsuit against CPS on behalf of a grandmother in Houston. As I explained then, these government officials illegally took the grandchildren from this grandmother as a vendetta against this woman who, in their opinion, had the audacity to call supervisors to report this unwarranted action. In fact, the children were removed from the grandmother’s home to hide the fact that the caseworker had failed to respond to a call three months earlier.

The attorneys representing the State of Texas and defending CPS filed a request with the court asking the court to dismiss the case. The judge denied that request, and more recently a preliminary hearing was held that did not seem to go well for the state. This action by THSC represents a new battlefront in the ongoing war to protect innocent families from CPS. [Read more...]

Voting…or Not

On May 29th almost 1.5 million people voted in the Republican Primary in Texas, and THSC PAC worked very hard to educate candidates on issues important to the home school community in Texas and to endorse those candidates who we believed were supportive of home schooling and parental rights. As I explained the day after the event, home schoolers had some huge wins and a few losses that overall will serve us well as we move toward the next legislative session in Austin next year. [Read more...]

African Americans Fastest Growing Segment of Home School Community

When I get calls from reporters who are doing stories on home schooling in Texas, they always ask how many families are teaching their children at home in Texas. (We estimate more than 120,000 families and well over 300,000 students, and the US Department of Education’s most recent estimate is more than two million students, or about three percent of the school population.) They also want to know why parents choose to homeschool. [Read more...]

Courageous Fathers

As Father’s Day approaches and we continue to focus on the foundation of our freedom to homeschool and on the fundamental, constitutional right of parents to direct the care, custody, and upbringing of their children, I am impressed by some news items today.

First, S. Michael Craven, at the Center for Christ & Culture, has written a wonderful commentary on the impact that fathers have on the faith of their children. He quotes a study by the Swiss government that finds a strong correlation between a father’s religious participation and the religious participation of the children in the family. In addition, a University of Texas study that was recently released shows that children raised in lesbian families had “negative outcomes,” a conclusion that flies in the face of the pro-homosexual agenda. These studies suggest what we have known for many years: Fathers can and do have a tremendous impact on their children’s lives. [Read more...]

Hope Valley Tree Farm

When fires ripped through the Bastrop community last Labor Day weekend, over 1600

homes were destroyed and 35,000 acres burned. In the eight months since, Hope Valley Tree Farm has had the privilege of helping meet the increased need for trees in Bastrop as the community heals and rebuilds. [Read more...]

We Don’t Care What the Jury Ruled

Last summer a Tarrant County jury reversed the orders of a judge and returned Jim Loose’s daughter to him, after she spent almost three years with her grandparents under “temporary” orders. Since last fall Jim’s attorneys have attempted to get a two-hour hearing with Judge Randy Catterton, to ask him to require the grandparents to pay Jim’s legal fees as allowed under state law. On several occasions a hearing was set, and each time Judge Catterton did not allow the hearings to go forward whenever attorneys for the grandparents said they had other issues to present or needed two days to lay out their remaining issues in the case. [Read more...]

What a Primary!

The Republican Primary in Texas yesterday was very significant to say the least. To begin with, from THSC PAC’s perspective, our top race was the race to unseat State Representative Rob Eissler, Chairman of the House Public Education Committee, because of his dishonest dealings with THSC in the killing of one of our key legislative priorities while saying he has “always supported home schooling.” Steve Toth, home school dad, defeated Eissler with over 56% of the vote. Toth said he was “setting the pace and the tone of the campaign. The conservative political action committees, they never get behind a contender unless there is blood in the water.” [Read more...]

Always Supported Home Schooling?

Yesterday, I was interviewed by a reporter doing a story on why THSC PAC is supporting Steve Toth, who is opposing State Representative Rob Eissler (HD 15) for re-election in the Republican Primary. I explained that we had supported Mr. Eissler in the past, but as a result of his dishonesty with us in the last legislative session and killing legislation that was very important to the home school community, we decided to support his opponent. [Read more...]