2010 Election Results

Last month I wrote about a couple of legislators who had snubbed home schoolers and parental rights advocates in the last session regarding legislation vital to the protection of children and parental rights. My point was that legislators believe if they take some action and there is no cost to them for doing so, they will continue to take those actions, and in this case, we will continue to be the target of their actions. The message was clear – “Take ‘Em Out.” [Read more...]

Living with the Consequences

Last year during the legislative session we sometimes asked ourselves, “How can someone do this?” Sometimes we asked this in relation to the opposition to the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act and sometimes because legislators refused to even talk to us about it. Sometimes we asked that when legislators refused to listen to our concerns regarding a bill that would expand daytime curfews and tried to force it through the House even after it had been defeated. [Read more...]

Take ‘em Out!

The attacks against home schooling last year in the Texas legislature were not frontal assaults on home schooling, but they were attacks nonetheless. While we fought to restore parental rights with the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA), we opposed other measures that would have drastically undermined Texas parents’ ability to protect their families. [Read more...]

Now is the Time

Next year the Texas Legislature may look at regulating home schools to deal with the dropout rate as Bill White has suggested. They may once again try to expand daytime curfews that often target home school students. They will once again discuss the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA). How home schoolers and parental rights fare will be determined in large part by what happens at the polls next month. [Read more...]

Coping with Daytime Curfews

The Dallas City Council recently followed the city of Houston in adopting a daytime curfew. In spite of assurances that enforcement would not begin until the fall, we received a report from a home school mom whose eleven-year-old child was stopped by a Dallas police officer and asked why he was not in school. When the child explained that he was homeschooled and his school year was ended, the police officer instructed him to “go home.” This is just one example of how this curfew will impact home school families. [Read more...]

Parental Rights – Never Give Up!

The battle for restoring or defending parental rights goes on. In April, hundreds of home schoolers met on the steps of the Texas State Capitol to rally for the Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA), and Governor Rick Perry announced his support along with several state legislators. Later that week, well over a hundred showed their support in a public hearing, and on the 29th of last month the bill was voted out of the Human Services Committee on a 5-3 vote. [Read more...]

Victory over Daytime Curfew Bill – We Think

The battle against daytime curfews has continued to take many forms over the last few years. We have opposed HB 1886 since early spring because it would expand the possibilities of daytime curfews in Texas. We opposed the bill in the Urban Affairs Committee; it passed. We opposed it in Calendars Committee, and it was finally brought to the floor last Friday for consideration. [Read more...]

Texas House Battles Over Daytime Curfews

HB 1886 by Miklos is a bill requested by the mayor of Balch Springs, which has little or no police force. The bill would allow them to ask the county sheriff and deputies to enforce the city’s daytime curfew. It was on the House floor today (Friday, May 1) for a vote. Our good friend Representative Wayne Christian asked if we would support an amendment that would exempt home school students from the bill, and we said, “yes.” Unfortunately we did not clarify that while we supported such an amendment, it would neither resolve our concerns nor cause us to support the bill. That caused confusion and put him in a difficult position. Representative Miklos accepted the amendment on the second reading, and the bill passed as most of the House members believed our concerns were resolved. [Read more...]

Bedford Battle Moves to the Voting Booth

Freedom-loving people have been fighting the adoption of daytime curfews in cities all over Texas, which we have covered for some time. Bedford has been ground zero since last fall as the city council there adopted the curfew without a public hearing; this week they voted again to keep the curfew in the face of growing opposition from business owners, civil liberty activists, and parents of public, private, and home school students. [Read more...]

Sausage Making and Friendly Fire

This week was a busy one in Austin for THSC Association. It seems like I have been in Austin two or three days a week for months. One of the most important things we try to do in Austin is to maintain our credibility as an organization by making sure that our information is correct and that we only call for appropriate action and at the right times. In January I explained how we approach monitoring legislation and taking action when the time is right. I also talked about how taking action at the wrong time or with incorrect information can make us look bad and hurt our cause. [Read more...]