Lessons from a Day of Infamy

President Franklin D. Roosevelt called it a day that would live in infamy. December 7, 1941, was the day that would, as some survivors recall, change America forever. In the midst of negotiations with Japan to avoid the United States’ entry into World War II, Japan attacked an unsuspecting navy lying at rest in Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor.

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Time to Cut Back on Government

On February 8 Governor Perry gave his State of the State speech. In it he made some bold recommendations, not only for holding the line on state spending in light of the current economic downturn, but also for abolishing some state agencies and consolidating others. As is typical, Democrats argued that the proposed cuts were too much and too deep; in fact, some even stated that the reason we have this crisis at all is taxes were cut in the past.

It seems Democrats’ solutions are always the same–more and higher taxes. Illinois followed that approach in dealing with its crisis late last year by raising taxes by 66%, and the response from some Illinois business leaders was that it was time to move to Texas!

In the U.S. Congress, we see the same thing happening, as the House, under Republican leadership, is planning major cuts in spending back to 2008 levels while President Obama wants merely to freeze discretionary spending at last year’s levels. The House is also targeting some agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency, for massive cuts as a way of preventing these agencies from enacting policies that Congress rejected.

Government at every level should closely examine every function and expense, and this time of economic downturn is the time to cut back on government spending, just as businesses and families must do.